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BUSA Undergraduate Courses


BUSA 1901   Personal and Consumer Law   2/0/2
A course designed to familiarize students with the legal environment in which they live.  This includes the operation of the U.S. legal system, alternative dispute resolution and conflict management, and rights and obligations arising in various consumer, domestic, business, and employment contexts.

BUSA 1910   Using Information Technology Today and Tomorrow   1/2/2
A course designed to assure a basic level of computer applications literacy, to include word processing, presentations software, LAN, e-mail and Internet utilizations.

BUSA 2106   Legal and Ethical Environment of Business   3/0/3
Prerequisite: Requires overall GPA of 2.0.

An introduction to the legal, regulatory, and ethical environment of business, considering the interrelationship and impact of political, social, cultural, environmental, technological, international, and diversity issues.