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CISM Undergraduate Courses


CISM 2201   Fundamentals of Computer Applications and On-Line Learning   2/2/3
Prerequisite: Requires overall GPA of 2.0.

This course explains how to use the basic features in Excel, Access & PowerPoint as well as advanced features in Word as tools in making business decisions.  Additionally, the course provides instructions for successfully managing and completing online, computer courses.

CISM 2335   Business Programming and Web Design   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 2201
This course introduces students to basic programming and web page design.  Specific emphasis will be placed on introducing students to web development applications, content management systems, and programming languages.

CISM 3330   Management of Information Systems   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 2201

This course introduces students to the study of organizations as systems supported by information processing.  Students will be able to distinguish needs for information at different levels in organizations.  They will be able to evaluate information system decisions. They will analyze business information problems using formal methods.

CISM 3340   Data Resource Management and Design   3/0/3
Prerequisite:  CISM 3330 and CISM 2335

Application of development tools and languages (e.g., DBMS, Visual Basic, etc.) for business problem solving in a database environment.

CISM 3350   Information Systems Research   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 3330

This course introduces students to basic research concepts. Additionally, students demonstrate their ability to recognize and understand emerging MIS-related technology.

CISM 4310   Business Systems Analysis and Design   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 2335 and CISM 3330

Develop knowledge for business systems analysis and design processes including familiarization with tools and techniques of SA/D and development of problem solving skills.

CISM 4330   Telecommunications Management   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 3330

An introduction to the concepts and practices of managing business telecommunications resources.  This course examines the constituencies of telecommunications from three different perspectives: the client, the designer and the implementer.  The focus of the course surrounds the role of the designer.  This role involves the determination of telecommunications requirements from the client and translating these requirements to the implementer. Same as MGNT 4330.

CISM 4350   Decision Systems Management   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 3330

Application of computerized models and modeling techniques to business problem solving and decision making.  Topics include computer simulation, decision/executive support systems and expert systems.  Same as MGNT 4350

CISM 4355   Electronic Commerce Development and Management   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 3330

Students are expected to have a working knowledge of the current Windows operating systems platform, and the current Windows document and presentation software available during the term of the course within the College student labs.  All students are required to have a UWG email account and access to a web browser for WebCT access.  Students will be required to participate within an assigned student group.  This course will teach students the fundamental steps and procedures to transform a traditional brick and mortar organization into a digital on-line business.  Traditional business planning methodologies are examined and modified for web- based applications.  Specifically, the topics of Transaction Processing Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), order fulfillment, and product logistics are covered during the course.  Same  as MGNT 4355

CISM 4382   Special Problems in Management Information Systems   1-3
In-depth, supervised, individual study of one or more current problems of a business organization.

CISM 4386   Business Internship (Management Information Systems)   1-6
Practical internship experience with a commercial firm or organization for selected junior or senior students. (Students will be given a written agreement specifying course credit hours and grading system to be used).

CISM 4390   Information Systems Topics   3/0/3
Prerequisite: CISM 4310 and  CISM 3340

Development of an information systems project to apply (IS) problem solving and management skills including (IS) planning, hardware and software evaluation, resource allocation, and both oral and written communications. Course may be repeated up to a maximum of 9 hours. Course content reflects new and current technologies.