Dr. Mautusi Mitra
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
University of West Georgia
Plant Molecular Biology
678-839-5488 (office)
678-839-5485 (lab)
Dept. of Biology

Welcome to the Mitra Laboratory

Dr. Mautusi Mitra
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, UWG; BS and MS, University of Calcutta, India; Ph.D., Louisiana State University; Postdoctoral Research Scholar, University of California, Berkeley.

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Undergraduate research students from my laboratory are pursuing graduate studies (Ph.D.) with full graduate assistantship/fellowship in USA (Michigan State and UC, Berkeley) and in U.K (University of Cambridge, UK). Two undergraduates have entered Medical school [Mercer University (GA) and Georgia Medical College (GA)] in fall 2013, two have entered Pharmacy school [Mercer university (GA) and South University (Savannah, GA) and another, is a research associate at Emory University. Another student is working as a Post Market Clinical specialist at ALKU Quality (a firm that focuses in the areas of quality and compliance within the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries) at Waltham, MA. My graduate student is working as a Molecular Biologist at “Algenol”, a biotech company focused on bio-fuel production, located in Florida. Two high school research students are Biology majors at University of Pennsylvania and at UCLA. Details can be found at the website: ( Mitra Research Lab website is the only research lab website at the UWG campus (to the best of my knowledge).
I have initiated an informal mentorship program at UWG that will help to shape current UWG students’ career paths after graduation. This program involves my former STEM undergrad and grad students, who are pursuing successful STEM careers and will be extended over time, to include other undergraduates/graduate students from UWG and from my research collaborators lab. This mentorship program is a component of my NSF-CAREER proposal that I have submitted in July 2014. Currently this mentorship program operates via LinkedIn, Facebook and Skype and via e-mails. Current UWG Bio major/graduate students are welcome to contact me in person (room 251 or room 149L of the Bio building) or via e-mail, if they need career guidance from one of my former successful research students.

Undergraduate Research students, interested in plant molecular biology and functional genomics of photosynthesis in the model organism Chlamydomonas, are encouraged to apply in Fall 2014. I have SRAP and LS-AMP funding for freshman/juniors and sophomores in Fall, 2014 for research. I have graduate student positions in my lab. HARD WORKING, MOTIVATED graduate students interested in plant cell and molecular biological research are encouraged to contact me ASAP.