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 Spring 2015

New addition to the Mitra Lab in Spring 2015:




Fall 2014

 (Front row): Precious, Tashana, Kiana
(Back row): Ewan, Mariama, Katherine, Zachary, Arielle, Rigoberto


Tai Truong (Bio major)
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


Amanda Morgan:
Research Volunteer 
John Cooper:
Research Volunteer
Katherine Smith:
Bio Major 

Tashana Hayes:
Bio Major 
Chavar Sinclair:
Bio Major 
Tai Truong:
Bio Major 


Michelle Kinsey:
Theresa Fuller:
Bio Major 


Spring 2013
Front row, from left to right: Alisha, Dr. Mitra, Cameron. Katherine
Back row, from left to right: Phillip, Darryel, Kathryn, Tashana, Jonathan


Fall 2012
From left to right: Darryel, Michael, Jonathan, Kathryn, Phillip and Josh


Spring 2012
From left to right:  Monica McGauley, Mautusi Mitra, Phillip Grovenstein, Kathryn Lankford, Michael Chizurum Okoro, Darryel Wilson, Tiffany Ancrum  


Spring 2011-Summer 2011
From left to right: Phillip Grovenstein, Erika Vargas Codero, Mautusi Mitra, Daniel Foster, Justin Puckett, Kathryn Lankford
Summer 2010 - Fall 2010

From left to right: Isaiah Clinton, Confidence Oyidiya Ndukwe, Kelsey Gaston, Phillip Grovenstein, Surangi Perera, Yakema Sheats, Rashidat Omowumi Odewale, Edna Esumei, Mautusi Mitra 



Research Conferences / Summer Research/Outreach Activities

NCUR, 2015, Cheney, WA (April 16th-April 18th, 2015)


Big Night at the UWG campus, Spring, 2015


NSF-funded-GA-AL-LSAMP Symposium at the UWG campus, April, 2015


Honors Convocation, Spring, 2015


SS-ASPB Meeting, Dauphin Island, AL, April, 2015


Research Day, Spring 2015


COSM Preview Day Spring 2015


49th Annual Conference : National Collegiate Honors Council at Denver Colorado,November 5th-9th, 2014.



40th Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Conference, Marshall, IN
Tashana beside her poster  Katherine beside her poster  Katherine and Tashana with other presenters in front of Turkey Run Inn  Presenters at the meeting 

Summer 2014
20th Annual SAEOPP McNair/SSS Research Symposium, June, 2014, Atlanta, GA
Katherine gives her oral presentation 
Spring 2014
LS-AMP Meeting April, 2014 at the Clark Atlanta University

Theresa, Tashana and Katherine beside their research project

Big Night UWG 2014

Tashana giving her oral presentation

Tai, Theresa, and Katherine beside their research poster.

Research Day, College of Science & Mathematics 2014

Tashana giving her oral presentation

NCUR 2014, Lexington, KY

Tai, Theresa and Tashana beside their poster

Katherine giving her oral presentation

American Society of Plant Biologists Southern Sectional Meeting, March 2014, Lexington KY

Dr. Mitra giving her talk at the 2014 SS-ASPB meeting

Summer 2013
The 16th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research, August 2013
St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Mitra in front of her poster


UWISE summer research presentation
Tashana and Katherine presenting their UWISE research


Spring 2013
2013 National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the University of Wisconsin
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Tashana presenting at NCUR 2013 conference.


American Society of Plant Biologists, southern sectional (SS-ASPB) meeting
Little Rock, Arkansas
Darryel and Kathryn in front of their
award winning poster.
    Kathryn and Darryel with their SS-ASPB
best undergraduate research poster award.


Fall 2012
Annual National Collegiate Honors Council Conference
Boston, MA
Darryel beside his poster.


Summer 2012
The Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists
Austin, Texas
Dr. Mitra in front of her poster


15th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas
Potsdam, Germany
Dr. Mitra in front of her poster


Summer Research, 2012 at Dr. Bernhard Grimm’s lab
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Mitra with Grimm lab members


Spring 2012
National Conference on Undergraduate Research
Weber College, UT
Kathryn giving her talk.    Kathryn presenting her poster. 


Southern Sectional American Society of Plant Biologists Meeting
Mrytle Beach, SC
Phillip giving a talk    Darryel beside his poster 


Fall 2011
MidWest SouthEast Photosynthesis Meeting
Marshall, IN
Phillip beside his poster
Justin beside his poster


Annual National Collegiate Honors Council Conference
Phoenix, Arizona
Kathryn in front of her poster


Spring 2011
National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
Ithaca, NY
Surangi's NCUR talk     Surangi at NCUR lunch  



Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Meeting (ERP)
Woods Hole, MA
Kelsey beside her poster    Dr. Mitra's talk 


American Society of Plant Biology (ASPB) - Southern Sectional
Ocean Springs, MS
Phillip's poster 



Research Day & Big Night
UWG Campus
Kelsey's research day talk    Yakema and group beside the poster at Big Night    Group picture at Big Night 



SRAP Luncheon
UWG Campus
Yakema's talk    Iffy and Yakema at SRAP luncheon 



High School Research Activity

Fall 2013

The STEM Academy at Lithia Springs High School (LSHS), Georgia

Katherine Smith and LSHS student beside our research poster 




Summer 2011

Dreyfus Foundation Sponsored "Research Experience via Active Collaboration of High Schools (REACH)" Program

Students getting ready for the talk  Phillip giving the talk  Students learning how autoclave works 
Kathryn showing algae culture plates Daniel demonstrating use of a spectrophotometer  Justin demonstrating DNA gel electrophoresis 
Kathryn showing the laminar flow hood  Students watching Chlamydomonas cells under the microscope   



Lab Research Pictures

Resuspending E.coli cell   Getting ready for the DNA mega prep   Loading DNA mega kit column 
Running DNA mega column sucks!!!   After a hard days lab work!!    Busy taking down lab notes 

Getting ready for DNA gel electrophoresis 

  Surangi with her students
  Teaching loading a DNA gel
Yakema loading a DNA gel    Isaiah's turn to load the DNA gel    Kelsey taking a DNA gel picture
Heterotrophic Chlamydomonas cultures (low light)    Heterotrophic Chlamydomonas cultures (dark)    Autotrophic Chlamydomonas cultures(Low light) 
Autotrophic Chlamydomonas cultures (high light)    Slant cultures of different Chlamydomonas strains    Culture plates and slants of Chlamydomonas 
Chlamydomonas liquid cultures
  Edna taking care of "Chlamy babies" in algal culture room    Getting ready to harvest Chlamy cells
Measuring spectrophotometrically chlorophyll concentration    Yakema counting Chlamy cells frantically!!!    Rashidat working out her biceps & triceps!!! 
I am almost there!!    Surangi gets inspired by Rashidat!!    I am strong too!!! 



CMB Research Club

Fall 2011


 One year anniversary of CMB Research Club, Fall 2011
Fall 2010 
Kelsey giving a talk     Kelsey after her talk    


Graduation/Graduate Exit Seminars

Tai and Kat's graduation pics, Spring, 2015


Tashana Haye's Lab Graduation Party at Gu's Bistro, Doraville, GA, Fall 2014


Spring 2013 - Students' Graduation

I and Phillip on Graduation Day
I, Darryel, Kathryn, and Phillip on Graduation Day
2013 Graduation cake

Phillip cutting the graduation cake
Graduation party at Little Hawaiian


Phillip’s Exit Seminar

“Flagellated Mitra lab” before Phillip’s exit seminar
Phillip giving his MS exit seminar
I and Phillip after Phillip’s Defense


Spring 2011 - Students' Graduation
Graduation Spring 2011    Graduation party at Blue Brick    Graduation cake 
Graduates cutting cake         


Fall 2010 - Edna's Graduation Party 
The gift card brings a smile to Edna's face    Mitra Lab members do biochemistry at kitchen too!!    Having a good time
Phillip posing    More good times    Kelsey and Isaiah performing!
Confidence and Iffy showing their moves!         

Other Lab Activities and Celebrations

Waiting for a slice of Michelle's loaded chocolate cheesecake

Surprise B'day party thrown by my students.

Hungry wolves at the lab pizza party

Graduation gift from my former research students

Graduation gift from my former graduate student

Vacuuming is a major lab activity as we have frequent lab flooding

“Wishing birds”—Michelle’s artwork ---May our dreams come true!!!