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Success Stories of Former Research Students





 Phillip Grovenstein:
(Research Associate at the biotech company, Algenol, Florida)
BIO MS student
 Darryel Wilson:
(Medical student, Medical College of Georgia, August)
BIO major- undergrad student
Kelsey Gaston:
(Research Specialist, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Emory-Children's Center)
BIO major undergrad student

Kathryn Lankford:
(Ph.D. student, Michigan state University, History of Science)
BIO major, undergrad student
Alisha Contractor:
(Ph.D. student, UC, Berkeley, Chemical Biology)
CHEM major, undergrad student
Chidoze Ukpabi:
(Medical student, Mercer University, School of Pharmacy)
BIO major, undergrad student


Daniel Foster:
(Medical student, Mercer University, School of Medicine)
BIO major, undergrad student
Surangi Perera:
(Ph.D. student from October 2013, University of Cambridge, UK, Developmental Biology)
BIO major, undergrad student
Edna Esumei:
(Pharm D student at South University School of Pharmacy, Savannah, GA)
Brennan Ross:
(BIO major, undergrad student at UCLA)
Advanced Academy of Georgia
Justin Puckett:
(BIO major, undergrad student at University of Pennsylvania)
Advanced Academy of Georgia

Yakema Sheats:
(working as a Post Market Clinical specialist at ALKU Quality, Waltham, MA)