Certificate in Advertising

Business or Non-Business Majors.
A Certificate in Advertising can be completed by either business or non-business majors along with classes for their degree program. It can significantly enhance the chances of securing a job and succeeding in any advertising related field. Required classes can count as marketing electives for marketing majors and minors, business electives for all business majors, or general electives for all majors.

Course Requirements (12 hours):
•  MKTG 3803 - Principles of Marketing
•  MKTG 3809 - Advertising Practices
•  MKTG 3810 - Social Media and Online Marketing

And one of the following
•  ABED 4118 - Web Page Design
•  MKTG 4886 - Marketing Internship (Advertising Focus)
•  MKTG 4881 - Independent Study in Marketing
•  COMM 3350 - Telecommunications and Electronic Media Industries
•  ART 3401 - Graphic Design I
•  MKTG 4885 - Special Topics in Marketing

Certification will be noted on the student's transcript and the student will be awarded a certificate from the Marketing Department.

For further information and to enroll please contact Ms. Tracy Mitchell at trichard@westga.edu.