Courses and Syllabi

ABED-3100 Business Communication
ABED-4118 Web Page Design
ABED-6100 Strategic Business Communication
ABED-6106 Evaluation and Testing in Business Education
ABED-6107 Instructional Strategies for Technology
ABED-6128 Instructional Strategies for Basic Business
ABED-6183 Introduction to Research in Business Education
MKTG-3801 Art of Selling and Personal Dynamics
MKTG-3803 Principles of Marketing
MKTG-3804 Business Challenges
MKTG-3805 Real Estate Principles
MKTG-3808 Business Research
MKTG-3809 Advertising Practices
MKTG-3810 Social Media and Online Marketing
MKTG-3839 Retail Management
MKTG-4805 Sales Management
MKTG-4808 Marketing Information Systems and Research
MKTG-4831 Business-to-Business Marketing
MKTG-4861 Services Marketing
MKTG-4864 Consumer Behavior
MKTG-4866 International Marketing
MKTG-4870 Marketing Management
MKTG-4881 Independent Study in Marketing
MKTG-4885 Special Topics in Marketing
MKTG-4886 Marketing Internship
MKTG-5805 Sales Management
MKTG-5808 Marketing Information Systems and Research
MKTG-5864 Consumer Behavior
MKTG-5866 International Marketing
MKTG-6815 Marketing Strategy
MKTG-6820 International Business Strategy
MKTG-6860 Advanced Marketing Research
MKTG-6881 Independent Study in Marketing
RELE-3701 Real Estate Marketing
RELE-3705 Real Estate Principles
RELE-3711 Real Estate Research
RELE-3730 Real Estate Finance
RELE-4705 Real Estate Investment
RELE-4706 Residential Appraisal
RELE-4707 Income Property Appraisal
RELE-4708 Standards of Appraisal Practce
RELE-4781 Independent Study Real Estate
RELE-4785 Special Topics in Real Estate
RELE-4786 Real Estate Internship
RELE-5701 Real Estate Practices
RELE-5705 Real Estate Investment
RELE-5710 Real Estate Marketing
RELE-5781 Independent Study Real Estate
RELE-5785 Special Topics in Real Estate
RELE-5786 Real Estate Internship