Ensemble Enrollment

All ensembles are open to every West Georgia student, including graduate students, undergraduates, Advanced Academy, music majors, and other majors.

Here are some important features of the music ensembles at UWG:

  • Participation is open to all students. Membership is not limited to music majors. In fact, many of our members represent majors from the entire University, ranging from business to criminology, computer science to social sciences, education to nursing, physical education to biology, and virtually every other major field.
  • Ensembles take a small amount of time. Our schedule is frequently less time-consuming than most high school programs. The ensembles meet on a regular class schedule, and we understand the student's need to concentrate on academics. We are seeking students who enjoy music and wish to continue performing.
  • Ensembles include students with advanced and average musical abilities. Students are sometimes overly concerned about their talent level. Most students who successfully complete their high school program will find a place available for them in one of the UWG ensembles.
  • University ensembles are college-credit courses. Each ensemble offers one hour of credit through the Department of Music. Students may elect to participate for the entire year or during one term only.


Small Ensembles

The Department of Music offers numerous opportunities for participation in small chamber ensembles. These include wind and percussion instruments, guitar ensemble, keyboard ensemble, and the Collegium Musicum.

Each semester applied studio instructors coach like-instrument ensembles such as flute choir, clarinet choir, saxophone ensemble, horn ensemble, trumpet choir, trombone choir, tuba & euphonium ensemble, percussion ensemble, guitar ensemble, and keyboard ensemble. Other chamber ensembles - like trios, quartets, and quintets - are organized and coached by the applied studio faculty.