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Office of Field Based Preparation


September 8-October 9, 2015:  Early Registration of Field Experiences for Spring 2016. 

To avoid any delay in your registration for classes with a field experiences you must create and submit an application in Tk20. Please note: You must complete a new field experience application for each semester.

Please visit the Tk20 web page at for instructions, video tutorials, and technical support!

Click here to learn more about the application process!


August 28, 2015:  Fall 2015 Carroll County School District Orientation  |  1:00pm - 1:45pm  |  Education Center Rooms 1,2, & 3

This is a mandatory orientation for all candidates/Interns who are placed in a Carroll County School for Fall semester.

Carroll County School List:

Elementary Schools          Middle Schools            High Schools 
 · Bowdon Elementary          · Bay Springs Middle            · Bowdon High
 · Central Elementary          · Bowdon Middle            · Central High
 · Glanton-Hindsman Elementary          · Central Middle            · College and Career Academy
 · Ithica Elementary          · Mount Zion Middle            · GOAL Program
 · Mount Zion Elementary          · Temple Middle            · Mount Zion High
 · Providence Elementary          · Villa Rica Middle            · Temple High
 · Roopville Elementary                      · Villa Rica High
 · Sand Hill Elementary                      
 · Sharp Creek Elementary                      
 · Temple Elementary                      
 · Villa Rica Elementary                      
 · Whitesburg Elementary                      

August 28, 2015:
 Code of Ethics Seminar  |  2:00pm - 4:00pm  |  Education Center 1,2, & 3
This is a mandatory seminar for all Interns in all programs.

Fall 2015: All other FE Orientations: TBD

August 1, 2015:  Spring 2016 Admission to Teacher Education | GACE Score and Ethics Assessment Completion Deadline