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Microsoft Office 2010/2011 Project


Closing Memo:

In March of 2011 Information Technology Services started the Microsoft Office 2010/2011 upgrade project.  According to our records, we have installed MS Office 2010/2011 on all machines that meet minimum installation requirements.  Exclusions include machines with an insufficient amount of memory, processing speed, or hard drive space.  Faculty and Staff members were also allowed to opt-out voluntarily.  As of Friday September 30th, 2011, we consider this project complete.

In the event that your machine was not upgraded, please contact the Service Desk at 96587 or . You may check the version of MS Office by accessing the list of “Programs” from the “Start Menu” and opening the “Microsoft Office” folder. If you opted out earlier, but have since decided you would like the MS Office 2010/2011 software on your machine, please contact the Service Desk to request installation. The software can be installed at a later date as long as the machine meets the minimum installation requirements.

We thank you for your collaboration on this project.


* Last updated: January 2012 *