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Parent & Guest Orientation

 We know that parents and families play an integral role in their student's transition to college. The Parent Orientation program will take place simeltaneously with The Parent & Guest Orientation program will help parents and families create realistic expectations and offers a large amount of information to assist both parents and students in making the transition to University of West Georgia. We realize that this step is a very important one for the student and everyone involved in their transition, and we encourage parents to attend and to bring all the questions that you have about your student's future life at UWG. 

Parent & Guest Orientation Fee

The fee for Parent & Guest Orientation is $45.00 per participant.  due to space limitations students are only allowed up to 2 family members and/or guests to Orientation.  This fee includes all Orientation program materials and meals.  Your Orientation fee must be paid at the same time as the student who will be attending UWG.  Residential Orientation sessions we offer overnight on campus accommodations to families and guest(s) for an additional fee. Please see the links for overnight accommodations on the right side of this page for additional information.

Registration for Orientation

Registration is done using the Accepted Students Portal known as MyUWG.  Please be mindful that registration for each session will close 5 day prior to the Orientation dates or if the program reaches capacity, whichever comes first.  You will register for Orientation at the same time as your student that will be attending Orientation.