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Pre-Orientation Prep - POP!

Pre-Orientation Prep. POP!

What is POP?

POP stands for Pre-Orientation Preparation.

Who is required to complete pop?

All new students attending orientation are required to complete their pre-orientation prep prior to registering for their courses.

Why do I have to complete POP?

POP is meant to introduce you to the basic tools required for you to be successful when registering for your courses. We want you to know what you're doing so when you get to orientation you can be acquainted with faculty, staff, resources and other students.

If you have questions please contact the department of Orientation. We can be reached by email: orient@westga.edu or phone: 678-839-4739 M-F 8am-5pm.


6 Easy Steps to POP! Follow these and then complete your POP quiz to finish.

1. Setup your Student Email

The UWG email is the official mode of communication for faculty and staff. You'll need to be logged into your University of West Georgia gmail account in order to complete your POP quiz. YOU MUST STAY LOGGED INTO YOUR WESTGA GMAIL ACCOUNT THROUGH THE GMAIL WEBSITE IN ORDER TO SEE THE THE POP QUIZ AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.
Steps to setting up your gmail account in MYUWG:

1. Log into your MYUWG
2. Click on the gmail icon in the right corner of the page
3. Accept the terms & and enable pop ups

This should allow you to log into your gmail account. All UWG students can access their gmail account by:
1. Go to gmail.com
2. Log in with your MYUWG id plus @my.westga.edu for your username (ex: jsmith12@my.westga.edu)
3. Use your MYUWG password as your gmail password

Still having trouble Viewing POP? Click Here

2. Familiarize yourself with your Course Catalog.

Students are held accountable for the requirements of their major in the course catalog. The catalog can change from time to time but being familiar with your course catalog the year you began your work at UWG is important. Click HERE and read through the main points- look up your major and its requirements. HINT: Hold down Ctrl F to pull up the search function and put in your major or college to look up requirements easily. Core Curriculum requirements can be found on page 91. You may be required to know some stuff about the course catalog for your quiz.

3. Learn how to register for classes.

Check out this quick video to see how you register for courses. You can follow along by logging into your student portal called myUWG- this is where you will go to register and look up classes.You may want to stay logged in because you'll need to be in your portal for your your next step. Other links that will help you understand registration:
-How to Register
-How to read your class bulletin
-Class Bulletin (This is where you can easily see if classes still have seats available)
-The Scoop (this is where you can look up classes and updated policies about the semester)

We've given you a lot of links and information. This document, found HERE will help you better understand general idea behind the "core curriculum."

4. Log into your Wolf Watch

This registration tool helps track your progress through your degree program and determine what you should take next. Go back to the main menu of your Banweb tab in your MyUWG portal. Click on the link that's titled Wolf Watch. Click HERE to check out some FAQ's about Wolf Watch. Spend some time checking out all the functions of the program.

5. What can I do with my major?

We want you to be knowledgeable about the many career paths you can take- click on this link to see all the possibilities of your major.

6. Take your POP quiz!

Remember you have to be logged in your gmail account to complete it. Can't wait to see you at orientation!