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IRB Forms



IRB Cover Page - to be used with all submissions

IRB Application - (Full and Expedited)

IRB Exempt Application

IRB Application for Continuing Review - word.doc        pdf
to be used to extend project past original IRB expiration date


Informed Consent Forms

Informed Consent Template

Parental Permission

Child Assent

Parent Letter - to be used with applications Exempt under Category 1 only

Informed Consent Statement - may be used if signed consent documents are not required


Other Forms

Classroom Research Form - to be completed by Instructor for student assignments with no reports to professional audiences

Research Completion Form - to be submitted no more than 90 days after completion of study.

District/Principal Letter of Acknowledgement - required for all research taking place in K-12 schools.

Research Site Letter of Acknowledgement - required for research being conducted in a facility outside of UWG.

IRB Study Modification Form - to be used when there are changes to study with IRB approval

Adverse Event Reporting Form - to be used if a Serious Adverse Event or Unexpected Event occurs during the course of the study.