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Proposal Routing Forms


A completed and fully signed Proposal Routing Form is required five business days prior to sponsor deadline date of any proposal for sponsored funding. The PRF must be attached to a complete grant/project proposal, including budget

Please be aware this form must be signed by your Chair, Dean,  and if applicable the Provost. Once completed a hard copy must be returned to the ORSP.  Only after these steps are taken will the proposal be submitted.

IMPORTANT: Please contact Jamie Brown before completing these forms.

Phone: 678-839-5354
Email: jbrown@westga.edu

Office Location: Mandeville Hall, Room 202

***Financial Conflict of Interest Forms are now located here.

Why is this form required?

To communicate information about cost shares and/or matching, to communicate and understand if there is a teaching reassignment, and to document the approval of the chair and dean/director of these requests.


Why do we have to submit the Proposal Routing Form (PRF) five days ahead of the deadline?

This allows your Pre-Award Services Specialist to review your grant proposal, to ensure it meets all compliance standards, fulfills requirements of the sponsor and to set up your grant for submission.

If the PRF is due five days ahead of the submission date -can I still work on my grant?

No, your grant must be completed five days prior to the submission date to guarantee there is enough time to review your proposal and submit without any problems.


Why do I have to complete the NIH Conflict of Interest form if I am not submitting to NIH?

The NIH Conflict of Interest module must be completed once every fiscal year by any person regardless of title of or position, who is responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of the research or proposed for such funding, including person who are sub grantees, contractors, consortium participants, collaborators or consultants per 42 CFR 50.603.