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2012-2013 SRAP Projects




SRAP Supervisor:
Kerriann Marden
Department: Anthropology
Project: Forensic Anthropology Student Research Assistant
SRAP Student: George Kinison

SRAP Supervisor: Susan Fishman
Department: Archaeology
Project: Archaeological Education Program
SRAP Student: Andrew Post

SRAP Supervisor: Debrah Santini
Department: Art
Project: Letterpress
SRAP Student: Madison DeFilippis

SRAP Supervisor: Gwen Davidson
Department: Art
Project: Art Collection & Digital Repository Management
SRAP Student: Amanda Dennis

SRAP Supervisor: Stephanie Smith
Department: Art
Project: Gallery Assistant
SRAP Student: Erica McCollough & Evan Hyde

SRAP Supervisor: Mautusi Mitra
Department: Biology
Project: Functional Genomics of Eukaryotic Oxygenic Photosynthesis in the Model Unicellular Green Microalga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii
SRAP Student: Jonathan Mincey & Darryel Wilson

SRAP Supervisor: Melissa C. Johnson
Department: Biology
Project: Phosphatase Expression & Function in the Olfactory Bulb
SRAP Student: Christina Lark & Lisa Smith

SRAP Supervisor: Anne Gaquere
Department: Chemistry
Project: Effect of Ultrasounds on Enzyme Activity (cont.)
SRAP Student: Shastina Oglesbee & Ashley Rizzo

SRAP Supervisor: Farooq Khan
Department: Chemistry
Project: Selective Binding of Metal Ions to the Antibiotics Valinomycin & Beauvericin: A Mass Spectrometric Study
SRAP Student:

SRAP Supervisor: Megumi Fujita
Department: Chemistry
Project: Spectroscopic Analysis of New Ion-Paired Receptors
SRAP Student: Hahninae Kim & Selena Mayfield

SRAP Supervisor: Spencer Slattery
Department: Chemistry
Project: Regulating Magnetic Properties on Iron Based Molecular Systems
SRAP Student: Cody Pasko

SRAP Supervisor: Vicki Geisler
Department: Chemistry
Project: Research Assistant to Study the Antioxidant Capacity of Phenols
SRAP Student: Brittany Scruggs

SRAP Supervisor: Shamistha Basu-Dutt
Department: Chemistry
Project: Care to Collaborate for Science Fair
SRAP Student: 

SRAP Supervisor: Matt Varga
Department: Collaborative Support
SRAP Student:
Georgia Shoemake

SRAP Supervisor: Mike Orsega
Department: Computer Science
Project: Evaluating Instruction using Custom-Built Flash Animation Tutorials
SRAP Student: Kylie Shaw

SRAP Supervisor: Lara Willox
Department: Early Learning & Childhood Education
Project: Collaborative Action Research in Field Placements
SRAP Student: Sarah Newman

SRAP Supervisor: William Joey Smith
Department: Economics
Project: Economic Forecasting Breakfast & State of West Georgia Community Banking
SRAP Student: Alexander Smith

SRAP Supervisor: Yan Yang
Department: Educational Innovation
Project: Sychometric Studies of Multicultural Teaching
SRAP Student: Jeffery Taylor

SRAP Supervisor: Bradley Deline
Department: Geosciences
Project: Comparing Local Disparity in Paleozoic Crinoid Communities
SRAP Student: Helena Baldwin, Marie Ojeda & Evan Young

SRAP Supervisor: Chris Berg
Department: Geosciences
Project: Investigation of Chemistry & Conditions Associated with Vapor-Phase Growth of Garnet in Rhyolite at Garnet Hill, Nevada
SRAP Student: Rachel Massey & Luke O'Quin

SRAP Supervisor: Curtis Hollabaugh
Department: Geosciences
Project: Field & Laboratory Investigation of the Mineralogy & Geochemistry of Splendid Vapor Phase Minerals in Pegmatites & Topaz Rhyolites
SRAP Student: Sharlene Hill

SRAP Supervisor: David Bush
Department: Geosciences
Project: Potential Future Land Loss of Small Islands of Puerto Rico & the United States Virgin Islands
SRAP Student: Paul Sanon

SRAP Supervisor: Shae Rose
Department: Geosciences
Project: Ecological Sustainability at the Community Level
SRAP Student: Kirsten Gallagher, Crystal Lambert & Monica Lavrencic

SRAP Supervisor: Ann McCleary
Department: History Public History
Project: West Georgia Regional Music Project
SRAP Student: Lacey Head

SRAP Supervisor: Gail Reid
Department: Mass Communications
Project: SOCKS: Speech & Oral Communications Knowledge Support
SRAP Student: Solomon Nelson

SRAP Supervisor: Sonya Barnes
Department: Mass Communications
Project: Student Audience/ Programming Research Assistant
SRAP Student: Danielle Jackson

SRAP Supervisor: Ajith Desilva
Department: Physics
Project: Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Micro & Nano Devices
SRAP Student: Volker Beutner & Ryan Landry

SRAP Supervisor: Hee-Jung Jun
Department: Political Science
Project: Planning for Sustainability in Georgia's Exurbs
SRAP Student: Melissa Chantham, Christina McCully & April Radford

SRAP Supervisor: Jesus Peralta
Department: Political Science
Project: Latinos and Obama !Si Se Puede!
SRAP Student: Molly Anderson, Richard Brown & Henry Cowart

SRAP Supervisor: Paul Rutledge
Department: Political Science
Project: The Obama Presidency & Public Policy
SRAP Student: Rachel Furbee & Page Payne

SRAP Supervisor: Stanley Caress
Department: Political Science
Project: Population Survey- Environmental Health Issues
SRAP Student: Tatum McMahon

SRAP Supervisor: Ineke Abunawass
Department: Risk Management
Project: Chemical Hygiene Assistant
SRAP Student:

SRAP Supervisor: Caleb Boyd
Department: Theatre
Project:  UWG Theatre Company Marketing & Recruitment Project
SRAP Student:  Grace Griffith

SRAP Supervisor: Brad Darvas
Department: Theatre
SRAP Student:
Jared LeClaire

SRAP Supervisor: Cathy Wright
Department: UWG Newnan, Extended Learning
Project: UWG-Newnan Student Marketing Assistant
SRAP Student: Carrielee Crenshaw