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The National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

NCHC 2013- New Orleans, LA

Osayame Gaius-Obaseki, Mass Communications

"Black Studies, and the Revolution in Intercollegiate Debate"

Osayame Gaius-Obaseki, Mass Communications

"Trashing Geronimo: (Re)winding the Use of Nativeness and Generating an Ante-Anti-Post Natural Critique"

Amaan Kazerouni, Ayaan Kazerouni, Sara Satiel, Marketing
"The Marketing Carnival Approach"

NCHC 2012- Boston, MA

Borja Arino, Economics

Alisha Contractor, Chemistry -"A synthetic ion receptor, PAin, as in sensor for biologically important ions"

Ashante Holt, Social and Behavioral Sciences
"Teenage Pregnancy and Technology"

Dalila Ozier, Social and Behavioral Sciences
"Becoming American?: International Student Perspectives on Identity and Culture"

Darryel Wilson, Biology- "Employing functional geomic to identify novel genes that play a role in high light sensitivity"
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mautusi Mitra

NCHC 2011- Phoenix, AZ

Natasha Godwin, Political Science
"Lassoing Mexico's Cocaine Cowboys: Moving Beyond Merida"

Kathryn Lankford, Chemistry
"Functional Genomics of Eukaryotic Oxygenic Photosynthesis in the Model Unicellular Green Microalga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii"

Amanda L. White, Physics
"Light Curves of Delta Scuti Stars"

Caitlin Clary, Political Science

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NCHC 2010- Kansas City, MO

Jimmy Worthy, English
"Past Reflections for Eternal Placement: Charles Johnson and James Weldon Johnson's Representations of Race and the Afterlife"

Natasha Godwin, English  
"Borders with Thorns: Barbed Wire, Property Law, and Native American Identity in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony"

Emily Woodcock, Speech Language Pathology
"Students, Parents, and the IEP Meeting: What Really Happens?"

Whitney Agan, Anthropology 
"The Appearance of Third Molars in Two Ethnicities in One Community"

Brandy Atcheson, Anthropology 
"Comparison of Fingerprints in Two Ethnicities in One Community"

Chelsea Briant, Ameen Kazerouni, & Adam Szaruga, Marketing
"Analysis of Competing Mexican Restaurants Using Marketing Carnival Approach" Faculty Mentor: Dr. Beheruz Sethna

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NCHC 2009- Washington, DC

Jadon Marianetti, Political Science
"Ethic Cleansing & Indigenous Participation: Lessons from Guatemala"

Alix Carnes, English
"Dreamscapes & Lunar Conundrums: (mis)Reading Surrealism in Sylvia Plath's 'The Ghost Leaving'"

Jacob Hewell & Amanda Brock, Physics
"Search for a Near-Earth Asteroid"

Jeanette Ruiz, Spanish
"I am Mestiza: Afro-Hispanic Identity in Nicholas Guillen's Songoro Consongo y otros Poemas"

Tara-Lynn Baratz & Nikki Richardson, Chemistry
"Investigating Molecular Recognition via Mass Spectrometry: An Exploration Binding Affinities of Metal Ions to Crown Ethers"

Natasha Godwin, Political Science
"Through the Looking Lens: Politics & Identity Construction in German, Spanish & Mexican Films"

Katy Gunn, English
Poetry Master Class

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NCHC 2008- San Antonio, TX

Jadon Marianetti, Political Science
"Twain's Faithless Child"

Mariam Abuhaideri, Mass Communications
"Is Your Cell Phone a Murder Weapon?"

Jason Bapna & Ari Seisser, Marketing
"The Marketing Carnival: An Evaluation"

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NCHC 2007- Denver, CO
Paul Tullis, Psychology
"B=f(c): Behavior as a Function of Convergence"

Melinda Schott-Ceccacci, Sociology
"Lesbian and Gay Families: Diversity--not Perversity"

Reba Cox, Economics
"Close Knit Family and Distant Cousins: The Canadian & American Economics"

Destiny Murray, Biology
"Expression and Purification of Recombinant Alpha Crystallins to Study its Chaperone Function Towards AQPO"

Bette Ford, Biology
"Production of Sphingosine Analogue"

Gazelle Moharari & Regina Change, Biology
"Exacerbation of Cytoxicity of Neuronal Cells by Advanced Glycation End Products and Beta-Amyloid Peptide"

Kim Holder, Biology
"Lipid Binding Partners for the Pleckstrin Homology Domain of AFAP-110"

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NCHC 2006- Philadelphia, PA

Emily Briegel, Jessica Henry, & Brannen Morris, Marketing
"Opening Doors with Bath & Body Works"

Reba Cox, Economics
"Saving Jobs with International Trade Restrictions: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly"

Lorri Dee Dukes, Geosciences
"Helping Students Visualize Fossils Using an Interactive, Browser-Driven Database"

Idoreyin Esenyie, Spanish
"Divergent Realities in Foundational Fiction: The Conception of the Patria in Facundo & in 'Nuestra America'"

Logan Leslie & Kelly Antion, Chemistry
"Producting Gold Nanparticles in Quantity"

Adam Woodward, Everett Smith, & Jennifer Allen, Marketing
"The Maple Street Mansion Project: A Marketing Research Study"

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NCHC 2005- St. Louis, MO

Olaide Bamgbose, Biology
"The Future of Malaria"

Idoreyin Esenyie
"How Chemically Different are Regular & Organic Milk?"

Lynda Blosser
"Reformation of Self: Negritude & Post-colonial Films of Francophone Africa"

Logan Leslie, Chemistry
"Channel Disaster: Millions of Water Molecules Not Allowed to Pass"

Dmitriy Plaks, Physics
"Zero-G Acoustic Fire Suppression System"

Christopher Shacklady, Chemistry
"Paper De-inking Using Environment Friendly Oxidizing Agents Under Ultrasounds"

Danielle Shacklady, Chemistry
"Translation Design in Crystal Engineering"

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NCHC 2004- New Orleans, LA

Clara Gonzalez, Chemistry
"The Use of Silver Ions in Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry"

Logan Leslie, Chemistry
"Unfrying an Egg"

Rachel Mack, Economics
"The Effects of the Reunification on the German Economy"

Jesse McAtee, Biology
"Progress Toward Developing Synthetic Methodology to Access the Pyrimidodiazepine System"

Dmirtriy Plaks, Physics
"Simulating the Three-Body Problem"

Toma Omonuwa, Chemistry
"Novel Nitration of Naphthalenes"

Daniel Serrano, Chemistry
"Density-Functional Theory Calculations of Sulfur Dioxide Interaction with Carbon Clusters"

Sunitha Shenoi
"Identifying & Extracting Lexical-Semantic Relations from a Machine Readable Dictionary"

Stephani Stennett
"Literature as Protest in the Harlem Renaissance"

Cathy Tran
"The Development of the Bohemian Revolution in the 18th Century France"

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NCHC 2003- Chicago, IL

Laura Altom, Chemistry
"The Promiscuous Behavior of a Molecular Chaperone"

Brian Bockelman, Mathematics
"A Food Chain with a Competitor"

Rhett Bridger, Marketing
"Papa John's Pizza- A Cut Above the Competition"

Idoreyin Esenyie
"The American with Disabilities Act of 1990"

Melanie George, Economics
"The Impact of SARS in China's Transitioning Economy"

Tyler Graff, Physics
"Rocket Guidance Systems"

Logan Leslie, Chemistry
"Formation of Microscopic Water Islands on the Surface of Mica"

Jesse McAtee, Biology
"Behavioral Functions of Bioluminescence in Hydrozoans"

Sara Mistak, Anthropology
"Oysters without Odostomes: An Archarological & Ecological Riddle"

Toma Omanuwa, Chemistry
"The Naked Electron: Photo-Excitation of Tryptophanamide"

Patricia Onuegbu, Biology
"The Effect of Age-dependent Modifications of a Cystallin on its Chaperone Function"

Taylor Proctor
"The Structural Collapse of the World Trade Centers"

Eric Smith, English
"The Dynamic Presence of Color in Tom Tykwer's Winterschlafer"

Cathy Tran
"The Fatty Zucker Rat: An Autosommal Recessive Disorder"

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NCHC 2002- Salt Lake City, UT

Kerri Allen
"Weight Loss Surgery: The Cultural Construction of Women's Bodies"

Brian Bockelman, Mathematics
"Modeling a Kinetic Mobile"

Rhett Bridger, Chemistry
"The Chemistry Workshop Model"

Debra Doby, Chemistry
"Reactions of SO2 with Carbo-Cluster Atoms: Atmospheric Soot Linked to Death from Lung Cancer"

Jesse McAtee, Biology
"Being Aware of Waste & Externalities the U.S. Produces"

Sara Morgan, Biology
"The Role of Toll-Like Receptor 4 in the Innate Immune Response to Pseudomonas"

Taylor Proctor
"Effects of El Nino on Nitrates & Phosphates in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific"

Harmony Thompson
"Crossing Borders"

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NCHC 2001- Chicago, IL

Kate Earnest, Robert Bennett, & Christina Gay, Computer Science
"Creating Computer Code"

Sara Morgan, Biology
"The Study of Two-Dimensional Water Islands on Mica by Atomic Force Microscopy"

Julie Rossi Polonczyk
"Living with the Runa in the Ecuadorian Amazon"

Margaret Chang
"From Mountebank to Modern Day Healthcare: A Historical Investigation of Selfhood & Its Impact on Medical Practice

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NCHC 2000- Washington, D.C.

Dan Parker, Thao Nguyen & Allison Buchannan
"Effects of Substituents on Aromatic Interactions"

Jonathon Cutchins
"Laser Ablation of Carbon Nanotubes"

Rachel Fuller
"Nitration of Aromatic Compounds"

Roger Huffstetler
"Reactivity of Water Toward NaCl (100)"

Christopher Lane
"Velocity of Sound in a Liquid"

Mary Kate McBrayer
"Azurin: Stability of a Protein Structure"

Justin Russell
"Construction of an Ultrahigh Vacuum Surface Science Chamber"

Matthew Reddy
"Laser Desorption of Buckministerfullerness"

Jonathan Brauer
"Scanning Probe Microscopy of Thin Films Used in Fuel"

Yong Suh
"Atractyloside & Calcium Mediated Induction of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore"

Drew Pounds
"FLUIDS: Filtering Liquids for Use in Intravenous Devices in Space"

Justin Barlow
"Forecasting Basketball Scores"

Davene Wright
"The Social & Emotional Development of Gifted Children"

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NCHC 1999- Orlando, FL
Yong Suh
"The Intricate World of Protein"   Back to Top 
NCHC 1998- Chicago, IL

Justin Barlow
"Observing Perceptions & their Comment on Society in 'Rappaccini's Daughter'"

Christy Vanadore
"Nazi Doctors: Hypocrisy of the Hippocratic Oath?"

Laura Slade
"The Internal Anatomy of Pentremites Robustus: Hydrodynamics of Pentremites Robustus"

Katherine Wasdin
"TV Violence: Does Viewig Lead to Aggression?"

Craig Meyer
"Structural-Functional Analysis & Its Applications to Latin America in 1960 & the 1990s"

Jason Hay
"Size of the Earth: An Old Method & a New Method"

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