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National Conference of Undergraduate Research
NCUR 2014, University of Kentucky

Soyoung Alexander, Emmanuel Nanje, Joanna Denton, and Aaron Arruda, Chemistry
"Indole Derivatives and their Interaction with Cations"

Lenora Popken, English
"Dante's Odd Comparisons of Satan in the Last Canto of the Inferno"

Andrew Barrow, English
"The Gentle Poet: Virgil's Sadistic Counsel in Dante's Inferno"

Anthony Donato, Physics
"Organic Inorganic Hybrid High Reflectivity Bragg Mirrors"

Katherine Smith, Tashana Haye, Tai Truong, Chavar Sinclair, Theresa Fuller, and Michelle Kinsey, Chemistry
"Identification and Molecular characterization of a novel Chlamydomonas Teinhardtii Chlorophyll Deficient Non-photosynthetic Mutant"

Austin Kerlin, Physics
"Simple Experiments and Modeling of Incandescent Lamp Spectra"

Amaan Kazerouni & Alicia Contractor, Chemistry 
"Revisitng Vaslinomycin: Effect of Water on the Conformation of Valinomycin-Cation Compex"

Jovan Johnson, Taylor McDermott, and Jared Ervin-Helicher, Economics
"Constancy in Technology"

Tashana Haye, Tai Truong, Theresa Fuller, Phillip Grovenstein, and Kelsey Gaston, Biology
"Characterization of a Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Mutant Defective in Chlorophyll Biosynthesis"

Elvina Ganbarova, Political Science
"How Do the Non-Governmental and Humanitarian Relief Organizations Surpass the Social and Political Boundaries Established by the World States?"

LeeAnn Frank, Riley Auskelis, Bailey Fabricius, and Adam Kotter, Marketing
"Sharing Great Coffee with the University of West Georgia!"

Raquel Carpenter, Chantal Atkinson, Andrew Gallagher, Brittany Groves and Maxwell Roberts, Marketing
"Enhancing the Advanaced Academy"

Adam Ansley, Political Science
"Prioritize to Stabilize: The Commodification of Peace"

NCUR 2013, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Cindy Xu and Charles Brooks, Marketing
"Spyro Gyro:Statistical Results and Analysis"

Molly Anderson, Political Science
"Democracy, constitutions, and Belarus: Analyzing democratic transitions and constitutional framework in Belarus"

Jacob Sitton, Psychology
"The Disambiguation of Fear and other Negative Affects in Psychology Literature"

Amaan Kazerouni, Ayaan Kazerouni, Sarah Saltiel, and Bora Gunay, Marketing
"The Marketing Carnival Approach"

Dalila Ozier, Philosophy 
"The Lesbian in Love: Female Homosexuality as an Escape from Male Power?"

Dalila Ozier, Anthropology
"Talk Nerdy To Me: "Geeky" Language as a Mechanism of Social Cohesion and Identity Formation in a Digitized World"

Tashana Haye, Biology
"Employing functional genomics to study chlorophyll biosynthesis in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

Elisa Zerabruck, German Literature
"'Das Durrholz': Over the relationship between literary analysis and one's own creative process"

Brian Heinze, Marketing
"La Trattoria on the Square: How a local restaurant can market itself to college students"

Ashante Holt, Anthropology
"Teen Pregnancy and Technology"

Volker Beutner, Physics

Ryan Landry, Physics

NCUR 2012, Weber State University

Katie Anderson, English
Dr. Masters, Faculty Advisor 
"Nature VS. Natural: Commodification of the Sacred in Leslie Silko's Ceremony"

Borja Arino & Spencer Lord, Economics
Dr. Smith, Faculty Advisor
"Effects of Government Expenditures on GDP in the Kingdom of Spain"

Megan Bell, English
Dr. Masters, Faculty Advisor
"The Gender of Language: the Domestication of Baudrillard's Simulacra in Scott Bradfield's The History of Luminous Motions"

Joshua Black, English
Dr. Crafton, Faculty Advisor
"The Beasts of the Closet: (Re)presenting same-sex Desires in Coleridge's Christabel"

Joshua Black, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Masters, Faculty Advisor
"The Return of the Oppressed: Queercore and the Mental Health Institution"

Sydney Bolding, Poetry & Creative Writing
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor
"An Undergraduate's Artistic Canvas: Poems and Processes of a Creative Writer"

Jason Cole, English
Dr. McFarland, Faculty Advisor
"Interpellation, False Consciousness, and the Perpetuation of the Dominant Hegemony in American Born Chinese"

Alisha Contractor & Kristin Skala-Jordan, Chemistry
Dr. Fujita, Faculty Advisor
"Spectroscopic Studies of a New Ion-Pair Receptor"

Alisha Contractor, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. MacKinnon, Faculty Advisor
"Robert Nisbet's The Quest for Community (1953) in the Face of Communal Deterioration and the Rise of a Technological Community"

Christopher Crittenden, William Livernois, Joanna Denton, Jacob Kimbrell, Joshua Hite, & Kimberly Bacon, Chemistry
Dr. Khan, Dr. Fujita, & Dr. Mruthini, Faculty Advisors
"Selective Binding of Halide Ions to Valinomycin Via ESI-MS, NMR and DFT"

Maria Dong & Walter Steward, Chemistry
Dr. Basu-Dutt, Faculty Advisor
"Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"

Jenna Harvie, Poetry & Creative Writing
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor
"Gone South: A Selection of Poems Cultural Displacement"

Jenna Harvie, English
Dr. Erben, Faculty Advisor
"It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...Kite- Wielding Founding Father?: Benjamin Franklin's Divinity, Humanity, and Superhero Qualities"

Rebecca Heikkila, International Studies
Dr. Dixon, Faculty Advisor
"An Impossible Dream: Potential Democratization in the Islamic Republic of Iran"

Brian Hubbard, Physics
Dr. Gadipalli, Dr. DeSilva, Dr. Hasbun, & Dr. Khan, Faculty Advisor
"Photolithography of Quantum Dots in Polymer Layers"

Whitney Johnson, Literature
Dr. Harrison, Faculty Advisor
"Whores and Handmaids: the Erosion of Romance in the Handmaid's Tale"

Kathryn Lankford, Kelsey Gaston, Phillip Grovenstein, & Surangi Perera, Cell & Molecular Biology
Dr. Mitra, Faculty Advisor
"Utilization of Functional Genomics to Study Regulation of Chlorophyll Biosynthetic Pathways in the Unicellular Green Alga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii"

Roger Lascorz, Physics
Dr. Hasbun, Faculty Advisor
"On the Optimization of Electrolysis of Water"

Esther Machado, Physics
Dr. DeSilva, Faculty Advisor
"Low-Cost UV Detector Based on Polymr Via Solution Processing"

Drake Mapel, Micah Bidwell, Tayler Halen, & Isaac Kim, Marketing
Dr. Sethna, Faculty Advisor
"Helping an Expanding Business Better Target Their Market Segment"

Victoria Martin, Physics
Dr. DeSilva, Faculty Advisor
"UV-IR Dual-Band Detector Based on TIO2 Nanoparticles Sensitized with PBS Quantum Dots"

Victoria Martin, Maria Dong, Mathishka Wickramasuriya, & Cody Bentley, Marketing
Dr. Sethna, Faculty Advisor
"A Comparative Analytical Study of Papa John's and American Pie Pizzeria"

Joshua Moore, Philosophy & Ethics
Dr. Riker, Faculty Advisor
"Expanding the Definition of Self-Ownership: Mutual Advantage Theory in a Welfare State"

Amadi Ozier, English
Dr. Snaith, Faculty Advisor
"Church of Sex: Walt Whitman's Religion and the Beat Generation"

Dalila Ozier, Anthropology & Archeology
Dr. Gezon, Faculty Advisor
"Becoming American?: International Student Perspectives on Identity and Culture"

Justin Puckett, Alex Brooks, Quinton Bruch, & Amaan Kazerouni, Biochemistry
Dr. Basu-Dutt, Faculty Advisor
"Implementing UV/VIS Spectroscopy to Analyze the Function of Enzymes Ubiquitous in Aerobic Organisms"

MacKenzie Regier, Poetry & Creative Writing
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor 
"The Page Starts Blank: Poems and Processes of an Undergraduate Creative Writer"

Vanova Robles, Philosophy & Ethics
Dr. Lane, Faculty Advisor
"The Lone Philosopher: Descartes, Peirce, and the Community of Inquirers

Joshua Williams, English
Dr. Masters, Faculty Advisor
"Social Writing: the Reshaping of Identity in the Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano"

Darryel Wilson, Kathryn Lankford, Jacqueline Smith, Justin Puckett, & Daniel Foster, Cell & Molecular Biology
Dr. Mitra, Faculty Advisor
"Employing Functional Genomics to Identify Novel Genes that Play a Role in High Light Sensitivity" 

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NCUR 2011, Ithaca College

Jennifer Rivers, English
"Voyeurism and Vandalism in The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart"

Ian Torres, Jenny Cooper, Jeremy de Sousa, & Aimee Brown, Marketing
Dr. Sethna, Faculty Advisor
"Discovering Opportunities for a Local Restaurant Through Innovative Research Techniques"

Alex Wesson, Ted Gkoo, Borja Arino, & Miquel Sanchez, Marketing
Dr. Sethna, Faculty Advisor
"Improving a New Restaurant by Using the Marketing Carnival Approach"

Anna Tribble & Justin Pucket, Chemistry
Dr. Basu-Dutt, Faculty Advisor
"Separation, Characterization, and a Novel Application of Allicin from Garlic"

Joshua Black, English
Dr. Doyle, Faculty Advisor
"'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know': Punk and the (Re)Contexualization o William Blake"

Matthew Liner, English
Dr. Pearson, Faculty Advisor
"'This Palpable Device': The Scrivener and History of Richard III"

Joshua Moore, English
Dr. Brommage, Faculty Advisor
"Hume's Natural Religion: Challenging the Status of Philo as Hume's Mouthpiece"

Joshua Hite & Chris Crittenden, Chemistry
Dr. Khan, Faculty Advisor
"Binding of Beauvericin to Alkali and Alkaline Eart Metal Ions: Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry and DFT Calculations"

Jacob Kimbrell, Grace Liu, & Kimberly Bacon, Chemistry
Dr. Khan, Faculty Advisor
"Formation of Clusters for Tetra-n-butylammonium Halides: Electrospray"

Johnathan Edwards, Political Science
Dr. Mbaye, Faculty Advisor
"Jack the Ripper?: The Queer Case of Montague John Druitt"

Surangi Perera & Kelsey Gaston, Biology
"Functional Genomics of Eukaryotic Oxgenic Photosynthesis in the Model Unicellular Green Micro.."

MacKenzie Reiger, English

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NCUR 2010, University of Montana

Kathryn Gunn, English
"When Giovanni Becomes Catherine: Lauding the Femine Honor of the Male Libertine"

Jadon Marianetti, Political Science
"The Paradox of United States Empire: Prospects for Avoiding a Cataclysmic Power Struggle through a Peaceful Transition to Multipolarity"

Jennifer Rivers, English
"Hair, Head Rags, and White Possession in Their Eyes Were Watching God"

Joshua Black, Gender Studies
"(Re)Presenting Masculinity: Rock, Sex and Awakening"

Harold Collins, Film
"Different Names for the Same Thing: Appropriation of Germanic Names in the Rocky Horror Picture Show"
"Guess Who's Coming to Whiteness?: Patriarchal Centering in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"

Natasha Godwin, English
"Borders with Thorns: Barbed Wire, Property Law, and Native American Identity in Leslie Marmon's Silko's Ceremony"

Dustin Ledford, Film
"Facing Our Fears: How Jacob's Latter Sets Out to Resolve the Repressed"

Kelsey Springer & Ron Hopkins, Psychology
"A Multi-Method Approach to Measuring the Effects of Music on Empathy"

Jimmy Worthy, English
"Past Reflections for Eternal Placement: Johnson & Johnson's Representations of Race & The Afterlife"

Charles Bauch, Film
"David Lynch's The Elephant Man and Martin Heidegger: Freaks in a Technological World"

Alix Carnes, English
"From Physical to Personal: Erasing & Reassembling the Self in Sylvia Plath's Tulips"

Brittany Gann, English
"Ted Hughes' Crow as an Embodied Id: The Dual Figure of Survival and Death"

Lilian Ha, Chemistry
"Progress Towards the Synthesis of Pyrimidodiazepine-Based Folates as Potential Inhibitors of Glycinamide Ribonucletide Formyl Transferase"

Jacob Hewell, Jeremy Johnson, & Miha Suga, Chemistry
"Gold-coated Iron Nanoparticles: Bioidentifiers and Cancer Treatment"

Ameen Kazerouni & Adam Warton, Biology
"Purification and Thermal-Denaturation of Human Red Cell Water Channel, Aquaporin 1 (AQP1)"

Matthew Liner, English
"Televisual American in Crisis: Postmodern Identity & Escapist Entertainment in Scott Bradfield's The History of Luminous Motion"

Mary Kay McBrayer, English
"The Fooling Borderlands in/of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Darcey McCampbell, History
"Intra-racial Hierarchies and The Impact on Socio-Economics and US Politics"

Todd Ollis, Film
"Killing a Symbolic Father: Perpetuating Masculine Violence in Gran Torino"

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NCUR 2009, University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

Nicholas McRae, English
"Questions of Inheritance: Sacred Sex and Quaker Influence in the life and Poverty of Walt Whitman"

Heather McCondichine, English
"Bald Cries and Clean Vowels: Reading the Infant's Yowl in Sylvia Plath's Morning Song"

Kathryn Gunn, English
"From Sexual Surveillance to Satisfaction: The Development of Voyeurism and Exhibitionism in Anchee Min's Red Azalea"

Brent Birmingham, Chemistry
"Fine Tuning the Electronic Properties of Fe(II), Co(II), and Ru(II), by way of a Ligand Substituent"

Alix Carnes, English
"Dreamscapes and Lunar Conundrums: (Mis)Reading Surrealism in Sylvia Plath's The Ghost's Leavetaking"

Ashley Dycus, English
"Tiny Entrapmenst: Miniature Victims in Sylvia Plath's The Rabbit Catcher"

Lisa Cunningham, Film
"Frankenhooker: Even Titular Commodification of Women"

Natasha Godwin, English
"Architecturally Constructing Ideology in Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street"

Jadon Marianetti, Film
"Sincere Missions, Cultural Extinctions"

Christina Wysoczynski, Chemistry
"Progress Toward the Synthesis of Pyrimidodiazephine-Based Folates as Potential Inhibitors of Glycinamide Ribonucleotide Formyl Tranferase"

Stephanie Blocker, Anthropology
"Boas, Sexy Dresses, and Moaning: A Study of Power and Politeness in the Vagina Monologues"

Rich Collins, English
"Grotesque Death: Communist Ruin in Anchee Min's Red Azalea"

Lyndsey Payne, Film
"The Monstrous Sexual Sameness of Frank and Janet in the Rocky Horror Picture Show"

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NCUR 2008, Salisbury University

Lara Dakkak & Tara-Lynn Baratz, Chemistry
Dr. Kahn, Faculty Advisor
"An Exploration of the Guest-Host Binding Selectiveness of Amines to Crown Ethers"

Amana Ali, Biochemistry
Dr. Fujita, Faculty Advisor
"Synthesis of New Transition: Metal Catalysts for 'Green' Oxidation with N20"

Jadon Marianetti, English
Dr. Fraser, Faculty Advisor
"Twain's Fatherless Child"

Justin McDonald, Jason Bapna, & Amanda Tai, Marketing
Dr. Sethna, Faculty Advisor
"Survey Research Using the Carnival Approach"

Destiny Murray, Kim Holder, Bette' Ford, Leonard Yontz, Marcia Cole, Biology
Dr. Tabit, Dr. Khan, & Dr. Boldt, Faculty Advisors
"Solving Rubik's Cube: Artificial Selection in Higher Education"

Kim Holder, Economics
Dr. Smith, Faculty Advisor
"Building Tomorrow's County: Mechanisms of Employment Growth"

Natasha Godwin, English
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor
"The Two Fausts: Identity Construction in Goethe's Faust Part One"

Joshua Almond, Gabriel Garrett, & Ari Siesser, Marketing
Dr. Sethna, Faculty Advisor
"Six Flags Marketing Carnival Project"

Brittany Gann, English
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor
"Infantilized Dante and The Pedagogical Nature of Sin in The Inferno"

Brian Crews, English
"A Real Poet: The Disassembly of Signification in Frank O'Hara's Why I Am Not A Painter"

Jessica McMillan, English
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor
"Fair Stream and Livid Marsh: The Punitive and Protective Rivers in The Inferno"

Melinda Schott-Ceccacci, Sociology
Dr. Holland, Faculty Advisor
"Same-Sex Issues and Education: A Study of The Attitudes of FirstYear and Last-Year Students at A Mid-Size Southern University"

Tania Celis, Cultural Studies
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor
"Caroligian Monastic Reforms: The Origin of Early Gallicanism"

Trista Edwards, English
"Eradicating The Referent: Recycled Repetitions in Gertrude Stein's Miss Furr and Miss Skeene"

Kathryn Peterson, English
Dr. Davidson, Faculty Advisor
"Surreal Cartography in Rivers and Mountains and The Melancholy of Departure: The Textual Troubles of Totalitarism in John Ashbery and Giorgio de Chirico"

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NCUR 2007, Dominican University of California

Sarah Mathias,Vanessa Gomez & Andrew Crowe, Marketing
"Business Opportunities for Gallery Row"

Gazelle Moharari, Molecular Biology
"Cytotoxicity in Cultured Neuronal Cells Induced by Advanced Glycation End Products"

Destiny Murray, Molecular Biology
"Alpha Crystallin Mutations Affect Its Chaperone Function Towards Aguaporin-0 in The Eye Lens"

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NCUR 2006, University of North Carolina at Ashville

Logan Leslie, Chemistry
"Using Gold Nanoparticles to Study Protein Conformational Structures"

Ajay Pillai, Biology
"Aquaporin-0 and Alpha-Crystallin Interaction During Thermal Stress"

Idoreyin Esenyie, French
"La Langage et l' Identite: La Poltitique dons la Acquistion de la Langue Francaise dans Deux Recits d'Enfrance"

Emily Briegel, Brannen Morris, & Jessica Henry, Marketing
"Opening Doors with Bath and Body Works"

Adam Woodward, Everett Smith, & Jennifer Allen, Marketing
"The Maple Street Mansion Project: A Marketing Research Study"

Kelly Antion, Chemistry
"The Effects of Multivalent Cations on the Phase Diagrams of Lypotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals"

Danielle Shacklady, Chemistry
"Progress Towards the Synthesis of Pyrimidodiazepine-Based Folates as Potential Inhibitors of Glycinamide Ribonucleotide Formyl Transference"

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NCUR 2005, Washington and Lee University & Virginia Military Institute

Dmitriy Plaks & Elizabeth Nelson, Aerospace Engineering
"Acoustic Fire Control in Microgravity"

Suzi Blosser, Chemistry
"How Chemically Different Are Regular and Organic Milk?"

Clara Gonzalez, Chemistry
"Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Large Organic Molecules"

Logan Leslie, Bio-Chemistry
"Can We Unfry The Egg?"

Jesse McAtee & Erin Proctor, Bio-Medical Sciences
"Preparation of Potential Antitumor Agents"

Idoreyin Esenyie, Hispanic Studies
"La Cuestion Indigena: Los Indigenas Guatemaltecos"

Taylor Proctor

Elizabeth Nelson

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NCUR 2004, Indiana University & Purdue University, Indianapolis

Patricia Onuegbu, Cellular Biology
"Effect of Age-Dependent Modifications of Alpha-Crsytallin on Its Chaperone Function"

Idoreyin Esenyie, History
"The American with Disabilities Act"

Logan Leslie, Chemistry
"Microscopic Water Islands on the Surface of Mica"

Dmitriy Plaks, Computer Science
"Simulating the General Behavior of a Rocket in Earth Orbit"

Taylor Proctor, Civil Engineering
"Structural Analysis of the Collapse of the World Trade Towers"

Cathy Tran, Bio-Chemistry
"The Correlation Between Insulin Receptors and Leptin Receptors"

Tyler Graff

Jesse McAtee

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NCUR 2003, University of Utah

Nuria Baldello

Brian Bockelman

Cebra Doby

Lexia Snow

Keri Allen

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NCUR 2000, University of Montana, Missoula

Yong Suh

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