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The Georgia Collegiate Honors Council
GCHC 2014

Elvina Ganbarova, Political Science
"How Do the Non-Governmental and Humanitarian Relief Organizations Surpass the Social and Political Boundaries Established by the World States"

Abigail Driver, English
"Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth: Lucifer's Unexpected Impotence in Dante's Inferno"

GCHC 2012

Dalila Ozier, Philosophy
"The Lesbian in Love: Female Homosexuality as an Escape from Male Power?"

Amadi Ozier, English
"The Impossibility of Intimacy: The Industrialization of America and its Effect on the Capacity to Commune in Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage"

GCHC 2010
Alix Carnes, English
"From Physical to Personal: Erasing & Reassembling the Self in Sylvia Plath's 'Tulips'"

Jennifer Rivers, English
"Hair, Head Rags, & White Possession in Their Eyes We're Watching God"

Joette Crews, Political Science
"United States Policy toward the Borders: Misconceptions & Realities"

Charles Bauch, Film
"David Lynch's The Elephant Man & Martin Heidegger: Freaks in a Technological World"

Kathryn Gunn, English
"'I Can't Be the Mother': Pregnancy, Fatherhood, & Masculinity in Thomas Beatie's Labor of Love"

Jimmy Worthy, English
"Past Reflections for Eternal Placement: Johnson & Johnson's Representations of Race & the Afterlife"

Kelsey Springer & Ron Hopkins, Psychology
"A Multi-Method Approach to Measuring the Effects of Music on Empathy"

Ameen Kazerouni, Chelsea Briant, & Adam Szaruga, Marketing
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sethna

Jacob Hewell & Amanda Brock

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GCHC 2009
Nicholas McRae, English " Questions of Inheritance: Sacred Sex and Quaker Influence in the Life & Poetry of Walt Whitman" Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erben

Kathryn Gunn, English
"Disproving the 'Imitative at Best': African-American Literature & Careful Creativity"

Amanda Brock, Astronomy
"Initial Results of Solar Studies at a Sunspot Minimum"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Moore

Jacob Hewell, Astronomy
"Measuring the Circumference of the Earth using the Method of Eratoshenes"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bob Powell

Cadi Carmack, Dilmini Seimon, & Megan Kelley, Marketing
"Marketing Research: Cathy Ho's"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sethna

Savannah Smith, English
"Calculating Madness: Hereditary Taint, Trickery, & Trials Lady Audley's Secret"

Aaron Gall, Chemistry
"Synthesizing Garner's Aldehyde"

Charles Bauch, Philosophy
"A Phenomenological Understanding of the Rosary Considering Heidegger's Conception of Worldhood"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Donahoe

Timothy Wright, Philosophy
"Facebook Me: A Phenomenological Examination of the Virtual Community"

Rich Collins, English
"Grotesque Death: Communist Ruin in Anchee Min's Red Azalea"

Colleen Donnelly, English
"Untouchable Suppers: Inedible Feasts & Abstract Eating in T. S. Eliot's 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock'"

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GCHC 2007
Reba Cox

Sara Susach

Bettes Ford

Mary Kim Holder

Andrew Crowe

Jay Awtrey

Melinda Scott

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GCHC 2006-UWG Campus

Lynda S. Blosser
"Comparative Study on Regular & Organic Milk"

Christopher Shacklady
"Degradation of Ink under Ultrasounds: An Environmental Friendly Process"

Ayan Ahmed
"Degradation of an Azo Dye under Ultrasounds"

Adam Woodward, Everett Smith,  & Jennifer Allen
Maple Street Mansion Marketing Project"

Emily Briegel, Jessica Henry & Brannen Morris
"Marketing Demographics of University of West Georgia Students, in Regards to Bath & Body Works Products"

Idoreyin Esenyie
"Bilingualism in the U.S."

Rachel Dial
"The Catholic Church in America"

Logan Leslie

Danielle Shacklady

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