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Georgia Academy of Science Conference

Natalee Hite, Evan Reed, and Matthew Ansley-"Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistance of Diamond and Silver Nanomaterials"

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ben de Mayo

20th Annual Economics Convention: Mumbai, India

Interdisciplinary Group completed research and paper around an assigned topic related to the theme of "India, the Next Superpower: A Dream or a Reality?" The UWG paper "International Relations and Defense" placed 3rd and Borja Arino placed 2nd as "Best Presenter".

Obaseki Gauis-Computer Science

Borja Arino-Economics (from Spain)

Amaan Kazerouni-Academy Student (from India)

Ayaan Kazerouni-Academy Student (from India)

Donna Livingston-Management

Albany State Research Symposium


Monique Hyman- "The Pursuit of Happiness: Federal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage" (won award)


Ashante Holt- “Teen Pregnancy and Technology”

Dalila Ozier-"May The Best Method Win: Cartesian Skepticism Versus The Pragmatic Maxim"

Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference at Columbus State University


Tashana Haye- "Identification and Molecular Characterization of a Novel Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Mutant that Lacks Detectable Chlorophyll"

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mautusi Mitra

Theresa Fuller- “Identification and Molecular characterization of a novel Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii/Chlorophyll Deficient Non-photosynthetic Mutant”

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mautusi Mitra


Emily Lamb- “Mistakes, Mercy, and Morality”
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Tietjen

National ACS Meeting 2012: Philadelphia, PA

Chris Crittenden- “ESI-MS, NMR, and DFT studies of anion binding my valinomycin”

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Farooq Khan

Southeastern Regional Meeting of the ACS 2011: Richmond, VA

Victoria Martin- “Investigation of Mondo Grass Berry pigments for dye-sensitized photovoltaic cells”

Faculty Advisor: Dr. A.J. De Silva

Jacob Kimbrell, Kimbrely Bacon, Joshua Hite, Chris Crittenden, and Joanna Denton- “Direct binding of halide ions by valinomycin”

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Farooq Khan

Alisha Contractor- “Cooperative ion-pair binding by an indole-based ion-pair receptor”

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Megumi Fujita