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Research Day & Big Night

Research Day  |  Past Winners

West Georgia’s annual research night is a big event on campus as it serves as the centerpiece of our efforts to highlight undergraduate research efforts!  Big Night provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to present their original work to the UWG faculty, staff, and students, as well as the Carrollton community.

Big Night 2014 is celebrating its 16th year highlighting undergraduate research in the fields of business, education, nursing, fine arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.  Students work with faculty advisors on research projects for several months or longer and the winners are selected through Area Competitions at Research Day by panels of expert judges. Big Night 2014 is Tuesday, April 15 in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Big Night 2013 was Tuesday, April 2nd in the Campus Center Ballroom. We would like to thank our Faculty and Students for a great event.

2013 Big Night Presentations

Mr. Tyler Reid-Business
Forecasting Emergency Room Visits with Google Trend

    Professor William J. Smith, Faculty Advisor

Mr. Jeffrey Taylor-Education
The Role of Achievement Goals in Online Test Anxiety and Help-Seeking

    Professor Yan Yang, Faculty Advisor

Ms. Andrea Culpepper- Fine Arts
Revisiting Rachmaninoff through the Lens of Chopin, Debussy, and Grieg

    Professor Carol Gingerich, Faculty Advisor

Ms. Elle Garland- Humanities
'In a Mad World, only the Mad are Sane:' Questioning Authority in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    Professor Muriel Cormican, Faculty Advisor

Mr. Nicholas Romano- Science
Predator-Induced Life History Changes in Daphnia

    Professor Ken Spitze, Faculty Advisor

Ms. Dominique Hollis- Social Science
English as a Language of Performance

    Professor Lisa Gezon, Faculty Advisor

2013 Divisional Runner-Ups

Richards College of Business

2nd place: Mr. Borja Arino

Professor William J. Smith, Faculty Advisor

3rd place:Mr. Carlos Cano

Professor William J. Smith, Faculty Advisor

College of Education

2nd place: Ms. Ashley Stovall

Professor Lara Willox, Faculty Advisor

3rd place: Ms. Courtney Snyder

Professor Lara Willox, Faculty Advisor

College of Arts & Humanities
School of the Arts

2nd place: Mr. Jared Jamesen LeClaire

Professor Brad Darvas, Faculty Advisor

3rd place: Mr. Michael Louis LeBlanc

Professor David Collins, Faculty Advisor


2nd place: Ms. Amadi Ozier

Professor Laura Miller, Faculty Advisor

3rd place: Mr. Cody Doegg

Professor Dan Williams, Faculty Advisor

College of Science and Mathematics

2nd place: Ms. Alisha Contractor

Professors Megumi Fujita and Farooq Khan, Faculty Advisors

3rd place: Mr. Ryan Landry

Professor Ajith DeSilva, Faculty Advisor

College of Social Sciences

2nd place: Ms. Deborah Andrews

Professor Neema Noori, Faculty Advisor

3rd place: Mr. Joshua Bryant Walker

Professor Deon Kay, Faculty Advisor