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Research Day & Big Night

Research Day  |  Past Winners

West Georgia’s annual research night is a big event on campus as it serves as the centerpiece of our efforts to highlight undergraduate research efforts!  Big Night provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to present their original work to the UWG faculty, staff, and students, as well as the Carrollton community.

Big Night 2014 is celebrating its 16th year highlighting undergraduate research in the fields of business, education, nursing, fine arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.  Students work with faculty advisors on research projects for several months or longer and the winners are selected through Area Competitions at Research Day by panels of expert judges. 

Big Night 2014 was Tuesday, April 15th in the Campus Center Ballroom. We would like to thank our Faculty and Students for a great event.

2014 Big Night Presentations

Mr. Drew Barker-Business
The Evolution of Health on Older Age Labor Force Participation

    Professor Michael Sinkey, Faculty Sponsor

Mr. Jeffrey Taylor-Education
The 3x2 Achievement Goal Model in Predicting Online Test Anxiety and Help-seeking

    Professor Yan Yang, Faculty Sponsor

Ms. Evey Sweeney- Fine Arts
Synesthesia: Turning Experience into Art

    Professor Eilis Crean, Faculty Sponsor

Mr. Trevor Pace- Humanities
Socially Inept Beings: Women Slaves in the Woman of Colour: A Tale

    Professor Laura Miller, Faculty Sponsor

Ms. Tashana Haye- Sciences
Employing Functional Genomics to Study Chlorophyll Biosynthesis in the Green Microalga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii

    Professor Mautusi Mitra, Faculty Sponsor

Ms. Sarah Jones- Social Science
Picking the Pronoun Back Up: The Translation of Gender in Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmental Alchemist

    Professor Lisa Gezon, Faculty Sponsor

2014 Divisional Runner-Ups

Richards College of Business

2nd place: Mr. Dawei Geng

Professor Charles Hodges, Faculty Sponsor

3rd place: Mr. BRandon Tilley 

Professor Michael Sinkey, Faculty Sponsor

College of Education

2nd place: Ms. Kristen Grabowski

Professor Danilo Baylen, Faculty Sponsor

College of Arts & Humanities
School of the Arts

2nd place: Mr. Spencer Davis

Professor Katie Byrd, Faculty Sponsor

3rd place: Mr. Tyler Burton, Mr. Eric Graise, Ms. Melita Harris, Ms. Iman Hinton, Ms. Ekeoma Nwakanma, Ms. Shana Souder, & Mr. Nick Suwalski 

Professor Shelly Elman, Faculty Sponsor


2nd place: Ms. Elvina Ganbarova

Professor Muriel Cormican, Faculty Sponsor

3rd place: Ms. Molly Anderson

Professor Jeff Zamonstny, Faculty Sponsor

College of Science and Mathematics

2nd place: Mr. Benjamin Hogan

Professor Javier Hasbun, Faculty Sponsor

3rd place: Mr. Amaan Kazerouni

Professors Farooq Khan and Megumi Fujita, Faculty Sponsors

College of Social Sciences

2nd place: Ms. April Boatwright, Ms. Brittany Coomes, & Mr. Spencer Hall

Professors  Ashley Smallwood and Thomas Jennings, Faculty Sponsros

3rd place: Ms. Raychele Couey

Professor Soo Moon, Faculty Sponsor