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We would like to first give many thanks and recognition to the University of Georgia's Peer Financial Counseling (PFC) Program developed by the Housing and Consumer Economics department in conjunction with the Georgia Student Finance Commission.  UWG's Peer Financial Team (PFT) was adapted from the UGA PFC Program.

History of PFC

The Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) received a grant in 1999 to develop programs to reduce the instances of students defaulting on their student loans.  The Executive Director of GSFC and The University of Georgia's Office of Student Financial Aid proposed beginning a peer counseling program in conjunction with Georgia Higher Education Assistance Corporation (GHEAC).  The PFC program was born when this peer counseling program joined with the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences program centered around living on a college budget.

Since 2003, the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs financial supports the PFC progam, and they have provided over $100,000 to institutions to fund PFC programs.  GSFC also provides funding for the PFC programs, and GSFC also gives invaluable technical assistance to identify colleges and universities to bring PFC programs to their campuses.

-Sources: Georgia Student Finance Commission, Peer Financial Counseling Program Guide (2003) and The University of Georgia's College of Family and Consumer Sciences website (, 2011).