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Physics Graduates Quotes


Physics Graduates Quotes

"I graduated from Emory University with a BS in physics in 1968... Throughout my career I have credited my college studies in physics for preparing me to deal with the unexpected. It taught me that you can't know too much math, that constructing theories-even informal ones-is important, and that tenacious problem-solving techniques learned doing physics homework generalized to a wide variety of contexts." -Bob Harbort, Professor of Computer Science, Southern Polytechnic State University.

"I received a BS in physics in 1953 and worked as an electronics engineer before entering graduate work in Economics... Physics background was Economics." -Keith C. Brown, Prof. Emeritus of Economics, Purdue University.

"...My Physics degree helps me to have a better understanding of fundamentals and makes me a better engineer..." -Vincent Fong, Design Engineer Manager, Supertex (BS, Physics, Southwest Missouri State; MS, EE University of MO-Columbia).

"After obtaining a BS degree in physics (VA Polytechnic Institute), I attended law school, and received a Juris Doctor Degree...Training in Physics served me well." -Courtney E. Mercer, Deputy Commissioner, Virginia Worker's Compensation Commission.

"...My physics background differed from those with a strict engineering background in the area of solving ill-defined problems. A physics perspective gives a sense of 'know-why' not just 'know- how'..." -Thomas Mullikin, Aerospace Physicist (BS and MS, Physics, GA State University).

"After receiving a BS in physics from Southwest Texas State University I was on my way to graduate school...I took a detour and studied for the priesthood instead. Physics was a great preparation for the precision and the critical thinking required in philosophy...and theology." -Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, Parish Priest, St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

"My BS in physics really helped me apply research logic to social science problems and to do the statistics..." -Walter Schumm, Prof. of Family Studies, Kansas State University.

"Who but a physicist, in the research lab or the corporation, could mix and match multiple ideas, models, technologies from different disciplines and thrive on change and new ideas...?" -Robert Gibbs, Senior Engineer, IBM (BS and MS, Physics, North Carolina State University, late 1960's)