The University of West Georgia is committed to providing an environment as free from crime and disorder as possible. When a violation of state law or city ordinances is committed, the University reserves the right to arrest and prosecute the person or persons responsible. All criminal cases which occur on campus are investigated by the University Police. Those cases that result in arrest are prosecuted in either the State or Superior Court of Carroll County. Persons arrested by the University Police are lodged in the Carroll County Jail where they will remain till they make bond or stand trial. Most violations of the motor vehicle code are prosecuted in the Carrollton City Court.   All arrests are to be made in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, and affected in a fair and impartial manner. A person’s status or relationship to the University has no bearing on the decision whether or not to initiate an arrest. The decision to arrest is based on the evidence showing a violation of the law has occurred, and University policies governing officer discretion. The University has implemented policies with "zero tolerance" for certain violations, specifically those dealing with drugs, alcohol, and weapons. When a person is found in violation of any of these laws, the officer is required to arrest that person with very limited exceptions. If the person arrested is a student, the case will also be referred to the Student Judiciary for review and disciplinary action if approrpiate. The campus proceedings are independent of the state proceedings and an acquittal on the state level does not automatically result in an acquittal in the campus review. Faculty and staff also face disciplinary action, which can result in punishment up to, and including termination. It is the policy of the University not to interfere nor attempt to influence the court proceedings in favor of, or against an individual. The University does not provide bail or legal counsel for any member of the University community who may be arrested by University Police or other law enforcement agencies.