Mission & Vision Statement -Core Values

Mission Statement

The staff of the University of West Georgia Police Department are committed to supporting the mission of the University of West Georgia through innovative methods in crime detection and prevention so that the students, faculty and staff of the university community can thrive and succeed.

Vision Statement

In order to accomplish our mission, we will employ innovative techniques to reduce crime and disorder and by focusing our efforts on serving our students, faculty, and staff of the University of West Georgia. We are D.R.I.V.E.N. in delivering our services.

Core Values 

The University of West Georgia Police Department is a team of dedicated professionals ensuring the safety and security of the University of West Georgia campus and we are D.R.I.V.E.N. to be successful in all we do.

Diversity - We fully embrace the similarities and differences within our world. We believe different experiences and perspectives are essential to understanding and responding to the needs of a diverse university community. 

Respect- We will foster and preserve trust within the university community by always respecting the individual rights and personal dignity of all.

Integrity - We are honored by the public trust bestowed upon us. We are committed to demonstrating to the university community the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards through our personal adherence to the law.

Vigilance- We are ever watchful for any danger and are ready to respond to protect the university community.

Excellence- We strive to be the finest law enforcement agency in the United States. We will achieve this goal through our personal commitment to excellence, collaboration with others, and by developing our staff to the highest standards.

Neutrality- We will serve our community with impartiality, taking action based on facts with neither bias for nor prejudice towards anyone.


updated 2015