Criminal Investigations Division

Lt. Charles K Marlar

The Criminal Investigations Division or CID of the University of West Georgia Police Department is currently staffed by three full time investigators. Lt. Charles K Marlar is the Commander of the division and is supported by MSgt. J.M Keener and Inv Blake Wingo. Currently, CID is responsible for investigating all crimes on campus, conducting background investigations of applicants, and completing internal investigations at the direction of Chief of Police. CID officers work on an “on-call” rotation and routinely respond to campus when a serious crime occurs without notice.  The Division also handles the collection, documentation, and long-term storage of crime scene evidence and it handles any VIP protection details when they occur.  The Division answers requests for open records under the Open Records Act, prepares cases for State Court and Superior Court, and works closely with outside law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office for ongoing investigations.