Technology Division

Captain J. Swain Harris


The Communications & Technology Division is supervised by Captain J. Swain Harris, Deputy Director, and located in the basement of Aycock Hall. The Communications Office is equipped with five emergency lines and a separate non-emergency information line. Each line is equipped with Caller ID in the event a caller is unable to give any further information. This service allows Communication Officers to cross-reference the number with our records to quickly find an address of the caller. The ability of citizens to telephone quickly and easily for emergency service is critical. People needing assistance also have the option of calling the Carroll County Enhanced 911 System with toll-free access, 24-hours-a-day, from any pay telephone on the campus. Operators of that system will take the needed information and then notify this department of the nature of the call. The University of West Georgia Police Department emergency number (678-839-6000) is prominently displayed in the campus phone directory, on all marked department vehicles, and on department generated literature for campus use. In addition, the campus maintains 34 Emergency Call Phones located in strategic locations on the campus for easy access to emergency assistance.  Each Residence Hall also has an Emergency Call box at their main doors. University of West Georgia Police Department Officers will be dispatched via the Communications Center on any call for service.

The University Police also regulates the use of electronic safety and security systems on all UWG campuses. This includes, but not limited to, Burglar Alarms, Electronic Locks, Fire Alarms, and Video Cameras. These systems are used to help increase crime prevention and the detection, identification, arrest, and prosecution of persons engaged in violations of the law. The Technology Officer monitors and maintains existing alarm systems currently on the all UWG Campuses.