Residence Hall Security Policies

The University of West Georgia is a tax supported institution and therefore open to anyone who wishes to enter. There are no gates surrounding the Institution and the community is often invited to attend campus functions. Even though this is an open campus, the University has the legal right and obligation to limit access to certain facilities and the campus as a whole under special circumstances.

Residence halls, offices, and research areas are restricted at all times. Persons who pose a threat to a student or staff member, or are disruptive may be ejected and banned from the campus. Once ordered to leave campus, if the person returns, they face arrest by the University Police.

Policies, locks and police patrol are not enough to ensure that the residence hall are safe. It takes the full cooperation of all the residents working with staff to make it that way. Propping doors open and allowing unauthorized persons into the hall are violations of Residence Hall policy and violators will be disciplined. However, the more important consideration is the danger that residents face when these policies are ignored. Working together we can keep the residence halls safe.