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World-Wide Web Guidelines & Rules

World Wide Web activities and products must be consistent with the University of West Georgia's (UWG) academic ethics policies including those on Sexual Harassment, Intellectual Property, and Academic Student Policies, as well as Federal and State computer crimes statutes. Since it is impossible to anticipate every possible violation, it is incumbent upon the user to weigh his/her actions against the purpose provided in this policy statement.

The following World Wide Web (WWW) policies have been created to define what UWG considers responsible and ethical behavior. These policies apply to all vandalism and mischief that incapacitates, compromises or destroys University resources and/or violates federal and/or state laws.


All official University of West Georgia web pages must be approved by the Office of Public Relations. A document that is OFFICIAL is one that is said to speak for UWG itself and not some individual who works for UWG. Some examples are departmental policies, official forms, external legally binding documents, etc. Official documents will be formatted as required by Public Relations. Minimally, it will have a comment at the bottom of all files containing a contact name, email address, and a last modified date.


The University of West Georgia recognizes that departments on campus would like their primary external representation to the world to be distinctive. While this desire is valid, there must be a common set of rules for all of these representations in order to insure quality of information and representation. This translates into the policy that a departmental homepage can have a distinct custom look to it, but it must have several elements as required by UWG policy.

Departmental homepages are the property of the University of West Georgia and the department they represent, not the creator of those pages.

This minimal set of requirements is as follows:

  1. All department names used must be the OFFICIAL names as recognized by UWG Public Relations.
  2. All homepages must have at least one clearly marked link back to the UWG main homepage.
  3. Use of UWG logos should be limited to those approved in accordance with the "Logo Uses Guidelines" handbook or as listed on the TechLife web site.
  4. The homepage must have some description of the organization it represents. It is recommended that the description is consistent with the description for the department that is shown in "The Fact Book".
  5. The homepage must contain an email address for the person(s) who can respond to questions about the department or Web page. The e-mail address department@westga.edu is preferred, where "department" is the name of the department, however, an address belonging to a specific full-time employee who is responsible for the page can be used instead.
  6. Each web page must also contain a "last modified time" stamp at the bottom left of each page.
  7. Information on all departmental pages must be kept as up-to-date as is reasonable.
  8. Publication of significant and unique departmental information is encouraged within the bounds of Part III of this document on Copyright Materials.
  9. A department's main homepage should reside on UWG's main web server. Any additional departmental pages should be linked from the main page.
  10. Each department shall designate at least one full-time faculty or permanent staff member who will be responsible for maintaining the department's web page(s). Under no circumstances is a student to be given sole responsibility for maintaining a department's web pages.


It is recognized that each individual faculty member, staff member, or student will have his/her own individual requirements for his/her own pages. It would also be an impossible task to approve all documents generated by the campus. In the case of departmental home pages, it is the department's responsible for obtaining proper permission when utilizing copyrighted materials. Those permissions should be obtained in writing and maintained as long as that information is displayed on the web page. In the case of personal home pages, it is the responsibility of the individual author to obtain those copyright permissions. If a page is found that the owner of a personal web page residing on an UWG web server has not received proper copyright approvals, the UWG reserves the right to unlink or restrict access to that page until copyright approval is received and/or the copyrighted material is removed from the web page(s).


Personal web pages are those that belong to individual members of the faculty or staff, or to enrolled students. Maintenance of personal web pages is the responsibility of the individual and not the University of West Georgia. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on their web pages. The University reserves the right to remove personal web pages that are in violation of any local, state, or federal policy or statutes, or UWG policies or procedures. An employee's personal web pages will be deleted immediately upon their termination. A student's personal web pages will be deleted six months after they graduate or from the end of last term the student was enrolled. The University will not be held responsible for providing a copy of any files associated with personal web pages after the pages have been deleted from the university's web server. Students are allocated a total of five megabytes of disk space for their individual web pages and e-mail. No additional space will be allocated.


Each Personal Web Page must contain the official UWG disclaimer or provide a clearly displayed link to the official university maintained disclaimer page located at www.westga.edu/disclaimer.html. If the author of the personal web page wishes to display the whole disclaimer on their home page, it should specifically state: "THIS PAGE IS NOT A PUBLICATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WEST GEORGIA AND THE  UNIVERSITY OF WEST GEORGIA HAS NOT EDITED OR EXAMINED THE CONTENT. THE AUTHOR(S) OF THE PAGE ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT."  The United States and Georgia Constitutional rights of free speech apply to all members of the West Georgia community regardless of the medium used. While West Georgia recognizes these rights of University users of the Internet, including the World Wide Web, it does not endorse the content of any unofficial homepage. Thus, the State University of West Georgia is not responsible, and hereby disclaims all liability for any data, information, or opinions contained in unofficial homepages and the home page author bears the sole responsibility for obtaining permission when incorporating copyrighted materials into their home page. Any comments related to the contents of personal home pages should be directed to the author of the homepage".