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University Smoking Policy

The University of West Georgia (UWG) has a commitment to the health and wellness of its students, faculty, and staff. The General Assembly of the State of Georgia adopted the Smokefree Air Act in 2005, which protects building occupants from exposure to secondhand smoke.

Effective January 1, 2007, smoking is limited to outdoor areas on campus that are away from building entrances and exits for all University-owned facilities.

  1. Protect the UWG community and visitors from secondhand smoke while on campus.
  2. Protect life and property where smoking would present a safety and/or fire hazard.


To "smoke" and "smoking" means creating smoke by lighting a cigarette, cigar, pipe or other smoking product; it means as well puffing on, carrying or holding a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or other tobacco product.

“Secondhand smoke” means smoke emitted from lighted, smoldering or burning tobacco from a person smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other tobacco products.


In compliance with the Georgia Smokefree Air Act of 2005 (OSGA 31-12A et. seq.) and the Rules of the Georgia Department of Human Services, Public Health, Chapter 290-5-61):

  1. Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings operated or leased by the University of West Georgia including, but not limited to, classrooms, laboratories, studios, open and private offices, corridors, dining areas, restrooms and common areas.
  2. The minimum outside smoking distance is 25 feet from any building entrance, outdoor passageway to an entrance or any air intake where smoke would affect occupants and those entering or leaving the area.
  3. Smoking is prohibited inside all vehicles that are owned, leased or rented by the University.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in areas that are identified by the university as nonsmoking by the universal sign for nonsmoking or a “no smoking” sign.


This policy shall be enforced according to the rules established in the UWG employee, faculty and student handbooks.