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Dr. Hee-Jung Jun

Hee-Jung Jun joined the department of Political Science and Planning at the University of West Georgia in August, 2010. She earned her Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University in 2010. She is the director of the Master of Rural and Small Town Planning Program. She teaches Introduction to Planning, Planning for Housing, Land Use Planning, Planning Methods, and Planning Theory.  

Her research interests include sustainable community development, neighborhood dynamics, racial issues in housing, and residential mobility. Her dissertation, entitled “Diverging Paths: The Determinants of Neighborhood Change across Space and Time,” seeks to explain differences in neighborhood trajectories across space and time. She argues that it is essential to take metropolitan, municipal, and neighborhood contexts into account together in setting community development policies. Her current research projects include spatial dependency in neighborhood change, the role of racial composition in neighborhood change, and the linkage between resilience and sustainability in township planning.   

She has three years of experience in planning practice. During her coursework at the Ohio State University, she worked at ACP-Visioning & Planning, a planning consulting firm (Columbus, OH and New York, NY) as an intern. Using Geographic Information Systems, she analyzed land use conditions and identified developable land for a number of communities. Her analyses served as the critical foundation for developing future land development plans and as the basis for decision-making processes in the communities.  





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E-mail: hjun@westga.edu

Phone:  (678) 839-4998

Office: Pafford Building #121

Dr. Hee-Jung Jun - Assistant Professor - Director of Urban and Regional Planning Program