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Program Curriculum

MURP requires the completion of 36 semester hours of graduate credit. All students must take three core courses (nine hours): Planning Theory and Practice, Research Methods for Public Administration, and Capstone Project or Internship. Students are required to take seven courses (21 hours) among the listed elective courses. Four courses out of the seven elective courses required must be PLAN 5000 or 6000 level courses.

With an approval from the advisor, students may fill the remaining two courses (six hours) with urban and regional planning related courses in other disciplines such as Public Administration, Geography, Economics, Sociology, and History.

Core Courses (9 credits)

•PLAN 5704 Planning Theory and Practice
•POLS 6202 Research Method for Public Administration
•PLAN 5786 Capstone Project or Internship

Elective Courses (21 credits)

•PLAN 5701 Technology and Sustainable Economic Development
•PLAN 5705 Computers in Politics, Planning, and Management
•PLAN 5721 Housing and Community Development
•PLAN 5722 Environmental Planning
•PLAN 5723 Transportation Planning
•PLAN 5724 Sustainable Development
•PLAN 5784 Planning Seminar
•PLAN 5785 Topics in Planning
•PLAN 6285 Planning Methods
•PLAN 6702 Land Use Planning
•POLS 5209 Environmental Policy
•POLS 6204 Public Policy Analysis & Evaluation
•POLS 6205 Administrative Law/Procedures
•GEOG 5553 Geographic Information Systems
•GEOG 5563 Remote Sensing
•GEOG 6753 Advanced GIS and Spatial Analysis


Students are required to complete either a capstone or an internship. A capstone project is a professional project or analysis focusing on a topic relevant to planning. The capstone may be a report, a plan or plans, drawings, models and/or other professional quality work appropriate to the project.

Students who choose an internship shall obtain a minimum of 150 hours of internship experience to complete the internship requirement. After completing the internship work, students are required to write a paper, including linkages between the internship experience, classroom experiences, and planning literature.

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