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Degree Requirements

Both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees in political science are offered at the university. In addition to the four required courses in political science subfields and senior seminar, students who select the Bachelor of Arts option, a general liberal arts program, are required to study a foreign language of their choice and to select an appropriate minor.

For the Bachelor of Science degree, the student chooses a career emphasis, such as public administration, state and local government, international organizations, or foreign service, with statistics and computer science as recommended tools. 

For a minor in Political Science, the student must take fifteen hours of upper division (3000/4000) political science courses in which the student makes a "C" or better.

For Pre-Law students, the department has developed a set of recommended courses that can fulfill requirements in the core, the major, or serve as electives.

For information about the courses available for Political Science  in the Fall and Spring, view the Two Year Rotation Tentative Schedule.

The Senior Seminar (POLS 4984) is a capstone course that offers students a broad overview of the discipline of political science. The specific purpose of this course is to identify and to concentrate on remedying deficiencies in individual student programs of study. Senior seminars are offered in the Spring and Fall semesters. The chart below lists the schedule of senior seminars.


 Spring 2010
 Dr. Tom Hunter
 Southern Politics
 Fall 2010
 Dr. Robert Schaefer
 Politics & Literature
 Spring 2011
 Dr. Sal Peralta
 Contemporary Challenges to Democracy
 Spring 2011
 Dr. Paul Rutledge
 Agenda Setting & Public Policy
 Fall 2011
 Dr. Greg Dixon
 Contemporary International Politics
 Spring 2012
 Dr. Robert Schaefer
 Tocqueville's America
 Fall 2012
Dr. George Kieh 
 Contemporary Issues in International Relations