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Degree Requirements

The core curriculum includes the following topics as they relate to the public sector (21 hours):

The Elective Track (9 hours): With the approval of the program advisor, each student must select 9 hours beyond the core courses. The track courses can be taken from a variety of departments. Generally, electives should form a coherent whole. Examples of track emphases include planning, management, and particular areas of public policy.

The Professional Seminar (6 hours) normally will be taken over two semesters at the completion of the student's degree program.  For those not employed in the public service, it includes a three-month internship in a governmental agency under the joint supervision of the agency supervisor and a faculty advisor.  A research paper on the internship or agency of employment for the in-service student will be required.  The paper will analyze an actual problem which confronts the student's agency, describe the problem-solving and decision-making processes involved in solving the problem, and evaluate the supportive evidence for the decision made.  Finally, the paper will evaluate linkages between the internship or work experience, classroom experiences, and public administration literature.  An oral defense of this paper before each student's committee is required.

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