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Graduate Certificate in Public Management


The Public Administration Program at the University of West Georgia offers a course of study leading to a Graduate Certificate in Public Management (GCPM). The GCPM is designed to meet the needs of practicing  public administrators who already have a bachelor’s degree and who desire to:


Learning Outcomes

Certificate students will demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of:



The GCPM is open to all professionals who have a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Any bachelor’s degree meets the requirements for admission. Prospective students must complete a Graduate School application form and submit it along with an official college transcript prior to being accepted into the GCPM. Students seeking admission to the GCPM register as non-degree seeking. Courses taken by GCPM students are the same as those taken by MPA students. Students must complete their program of study within four years from the date of admission and receive no less than a 3.0 GPA.

All courses for the GCPM are offered regularly and can be taken in any order. Courses are offered at the main campus in Carrollton at night and on the weekends.  Some courses may be offerred online. Students deciding to apply for admission to the Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Program after completing the GCPM must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and meet all other MPA admission requirements. Students who have completed the GCPM may apply up to 9 credit hours toward the MPA degree within six years of completion and award of the certificate.

Certificate Requirements

Students may earn the Graduate Certificate in Public Management after completing 12 credit hours as specified below:


Practicum and Assessment

Inherent in the GCPM is both an underlying theme and a concerted effort to prepare students to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the certificate program to “real world” issues and problems faced in public sector management. The achievement of this goal is finalized through successful completion of the Practicum (application) and Assessment (evaluation).

The Practicum and Assessment process ensures that the student gains practical knowledge and skill in program and policy administration by applying the latest and most effective theory and practice to their operations.  This is achieved by the writing of an analysis paper of the students public organization or a topic in public management.