Office of the President

Dr. Kyle Marrero, Seventh President of UWGWelcome Fall
October 2014

Fall is definitely in the air! The days are cooler, the air is crisper, and the leaves are starting to turn, lighting up our amazing campus with bursts of color from Front Campus Drive to the Quad to Wolves Plaza. We’re well into fall classes and routines and we’re all just a little exultant that we survived the heat of summer and the craziness of another start of term. Sweaters and sweat shirts have begun to make their appearances, the pumpkin-carving will commence soon and, lattes, cocoa, and hot cider are in demand. It’s a great time of year!

It’s important to remember just how beautiful and wonderful this season can be because fall is a time of change, of transition. And transition/change can be difficult. But it can be exciting and rewarding, as well. That’s where we are as a university right now: in a time of transformation and change. We have much to celebrate and plenty of stories to tell around the bonfire. Our faculty, staff, and students are already winning awards again this year, our Newnan campus renovation is progressing nicely, and our Wolves football team has gone 4-0 – and are now ranked 24th in the nation for the first time in 13 years! We are geared up to make some incredible strides this year and we couldn’t be more energized.

We know our journey won’t be perfect all the time, of course. Now and then we might trip over the rake someone left out and fall in a pile of leaves. But leaves aren’t the worst place to fall and we’ll get back up again wiser and more determined to make UWG everything it can be: the best place to work, learn, and succeed. I invite you to join me in embracing change and taking full advantage of our collective adventure.

Happy fall, y’all!