Office of the President

Dr. Kyle Marrero, Seventh President of UWG

What Will You Do?
October 2015

Happy Fall UWG Wolves!

This month I’d like to take a moment to talk about focus and alignment. I realize it sometimes seems that we have dozens of initiatives happening all at once – and we do! But it’s important to understand that everything we do each day, and all of the many long-term projects in which we take part, help to forward our vision and support the four imperatives in our Strategic Plan. These many initiatives are intrinsically linked. So, as the president, what are the key areas of focus that only a president can help drive?

Over the summer, I spent some time thinking about what should be my main focuses as UWG’s president. After much consideration and consultation with my colleagues, I realized that the vast majority of my efforts surround three primary initiatives: Engage West!, the Carrollton/Carroll County Educational Collaborative (CCEC), and our first ever historic capital campaign.

In August, I talked about how this year in Engage West! would represent our transition from learning to living. You can re-read that letter here and I would encourage you to do so. For while learning is a critical first step in the process, it is only valuable if we put the skills and strategies we’ve learned to use in our everyday lives. It is only worthwhile if we create cultural change that helps us move forward in support of student success.

In July, I talked about CCEC and you can re-read that letter here. This unique, community-wide, cross-institutional collaboration has the potential to change the educational landscape in our region. As the region’s major university, we are an integral part of its education ecosystem and our involvement in this initiative will be both valuable and critical in the coming months and years.

Finally, I’d like to update you on our capital campaign. As you know, Mr. Dave Fraboni joined us in July as our new V.P. for Advancement. Also during the summer months, we completed our campaign feasibility study. I’m happy to report that the campaign has been fully endorsed by our Foundation Board with a flooring goal of $50 million. We are already well on our way with more than $23M in gifts and pledges. The campaign timeline will be 2013 to 2020 and will focus on Scholarships, Business and Economic Development, Health, Humane Services and Sciences, Education and Leadership, Arts and Humanities, and Athletics.

You will notice that all three of these major projects share the same primary goal: student success. I believe that is a good indicator that I’m on the right track. After all, it’s the reason each of us is here at UWG!

Now that I’ve identified my major areas of focus, I’d encourage each of you to work with your teams to do the same. Each member of our faculty and staff should be working to determine what will be his or her three to five major goals over the next year and most, if not all, daily activities should support those key focuses. That, at its core, is the purpose of Engage West!

As always, I thank you for your fine work and commitment to UWG and to its students.