Office of the President

Dr. Kyle Marrero, Seventh President of UWG Looking back, looking forward
April 2015

Well, here we are in April… already! It’s hard to believe another academic year is almost over. When I look back over this past year, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come and what we are accomplishing on a daily basis. We are truly becoming a bastion of data-informed decision-making, we are embracing assessment, and the culture of high achievement is blossoming.

We’ve been focusing much attention on our KPIs and metrics lately, and we are about to see the realization of an exciting one indeed. Once again this year, we are anticipating a strong graduating class! While reaching this number is a huge achievement and source of pride, our real accomplishment is in knowing that we have provided these students with the tools and skills they will need to meet the career challenges ahead of them. We are demonstrating student success not only in the number of students earning degrees, but in their level of preparedness. Our in-class, content-rich lessons provide an excellent foundation for the real-world experiences offered through student experiential learning opportunities such as internships and special projects – opportunities that have been cultivated and continue to grow because of our increasing strategic partnerships. We believe it is these experiences that will ensure student success beyond our doors. That’s a pretty amazing thing!

As we enter the semester’s home stretch, I hope everyone on this campus is as excited about our progress as I am – and as proud to be a Wolf!