Office of the President

Dr. Kyle Marrero, Seventh President of UWG Living Our Learning
August 2015

Greetings, colleagues, and welcome to the 2015 academic year! This year marks a critical growth stage in the Engage West! initiative: the move from learning to living. A key component of the living year is to intensify the process of modeling evidence-based leadership, cascading communication and engaging all faculty and staff in the development process. This semester, we begin two exciting programs intended to do just that.

Coordinated by the faculty senate, Engage West: Faculty Edition will encompass a series of professional development and knowledge sharing sessions intended to help faculty grow and to provide continuous learning opportunities. Focused specifically on the unique challenges facing faculty members, and centered on the core academic traditions of teaching, research, and service, these sessions are intended to allow faculty to engage in genuine, solutions-focused discourse about their shared professional passions.

Engage West: Staff Edition, co-led by human resources and the staff advisory council, will curate a variety of development programs and workshops intended to facilitate professional development for staff at all levels, in all functions, and at all stages of their careers. These programs will be ideal both for individuals looking to enhance skill in their current positions and those who interested in advancing their career paths. Current, emerging, and aspiring leaders at all levels are invited and encouraged to attend.

I’m thrilled that we are offering these opportunities. Engage West! has always been about every faculty and staff member being engaged in continuous development – and about our collective ability to become the best place to work, learn, and succeed by counting on one another and promoting student success. It is already a revolutionary program in the higher education space and this evolution makes it even more so.

I hope that each of you will work with your colleagues to incorporate these opportunities into your professional development plans. You are the university’s greatest asset and your strength and growth are critical to the strength and growth of UWG.