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Non-Traditional and Graduate Students


According to Webster’s, the definition of a non-traditional student is as follows:


Students who are older than the historically typical undergraduate student (usually aged 18-23), and had interrupted their studies earlier in life.

You might also be a graduate student, returning to school after many years of career or family pursuit. If you fall in these categories, you are likely aware of the uniqueness of your situation as a student here at the University of West Georgia. We have developed this section of PREVENT@UWG to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing you as a non-traditional or graduate student. Be watching for resources, mental health information, upcoming events, training, and articles, specifically related to your needs.

UWG Resources for Non-Traditional and Graduate Students
Counseling & Career Development (counseling) Center
Provides free and confidential personal, career and academic counseling to all UWG students

Mental Health Tips for Non-Traditional and Graduate Students
Stress and the Student Parent

Also, check out the PREVENT calendar for upcoming campus events created specifically with your needs in mind.