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International Students


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Hello and welcome to Prevent@UWG!

Currently, there are over 120 international students on our campus with an active International Services and Programs Department to meet your needs for advisement, friends, and community. As an international student on a U.S. campus, you may be experiencing academic, social, and emotional difficulties as you transition into college life. In addition to the normal transitional challenges, you may also be experiencing stress due to cultural and language barriers.

“Culture shock” is real and is often accompanied by feelings of helplessness, loneliness, anger, homesickness, and mistrust.  Some may be the targets of prejudice while studying in the U.S., while others may also experience difficulties such as not understanding lectures and difficulties expressing opinions in class discussion and papers.

We have developed this section of PREVENT@UWG to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing you as an international student. Check out the links below which are resources, mental health information, upcoming events, training, and articles, specifically related to your needs.

UWG Resources for International Students
Counseling & Career Development (counseling) Center
Provides free and confidential personal, career and academic counseling to all UWG students

UWG International Student Organizations

National Resources for International Students
Latino Mental Health (from American Psychiatric Association) 


Also, check out the PREVENT calendar for upcoming campus events created specifically with your needs in mind.