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Depression and Anxiety

Face the Facts. Everyone, including college students, can experience struggles with mental health.

Fact 1: According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of  America, U.S. colleges and universities are seeing a major increase in students, requiring mental health services for anxiety disorders. 


Fact 2: A 2008 survey by the American College Health Association reported more than 15% of college students indicated having a depression diagnosis with 32.5% saying they were diagnosed during the past school year.


Fact 3: In 2004,  the American College Health Association also reported 50% college students indicated they felt so depressed, at some point, they had trouble functioning.


Because college students experience mental health issues, it's important that UWG students, faculty, staff and parents know the signs of psychological distress and be the help for students and others. On this webpage, you will find information pertaining to depression, anxiety and other life challenges many college students face. You can utilize these resources as tools to help save a life.


UWG Resources for Students

Test Your Mood (click here for screening) - Find out whether you are experiencing depression, bi-polar disorder. anxiety or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with a screening. 

Counseling & Career Development (counseling) Center
Provides free and confidential personal, career and academic counseling to all UWG students


Other Resources for Students

 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Atlanta Chapter of Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Understanding College Students and Depression

Depression Symptoms

Psych Central Article: "Depression and Anxiety Among College Students"

"What Do These Student Have In Common" Flier

Understanding College Students, Stress and Anxiety Disorder
Atlanta Journal and Constitution Article: "Anxiety, stress plague college students (Feb 2010)"


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