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Current Freshmen Students

For freshman students, leaving high school and coming to college is a major transition, filled with many experiences and emotions. Students may feel excited. confused or even distressed as they adjust to the first year on campus and being on their own for the first time. The following stressors that students sometimes face can lead to mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety:

The following resources are provided as tools to help students, parents, faculty and staff understand challenges freshman students face, including mental health concerns, and ways to help them.


UWG Services For Freshman Students

Counseling & Career Development (counseling) Center
Provides free and confidential personal, career and academic counseling to all UWG students and facilitates life skills and mental health related programs for classes, resident halls and student groups.

Course offered to first-year students to ease the transition into college life and inform students of resources available at UWG

Resources for Parents of Freshman Students

Student Development Center Information for Parents

How to Help Your Freshman Cope With Homesickness

Also, check out the PREVENT calendar for upcoming campus events created specifically with your needs in mind.