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PREVENT@UWG Campus Training, Activities and Support


Beginning August 2010, suicide prevention training will be offered to campus gatekeepers (resident assistants - RAs, student leaders, faculty and staff) to help them identify students at risk for suicide, make effective referrals, break down barriers to help seeking. Our PREVENT training consists of a 2 hour, multi-media interactive training, where all participants will leave with knowledge about:

•  Suicide Prevention
•  Risk Factors About Suicide
•  How to Ask Someone About Suicide

•  How to Assist Someone to Get Help
•  Local Resources for Help


Awareness Training

A 1-hour multi-media interactive mental health training designed for UWG classes. Its goal is to promote awareness of suicide prevention and depression among students.  Training participants will leave with knowledge about:

•  Suicide Prevention 

•  Risk Factors About Suicide  

• Local Resources for Help 



If you are interested in scheduling a PREVENT@UWG gatekeeper or awareness training, please click on the PREVENT@UWG Training link below and provide the requested information. A PREVENT@UWG representative will contact you very soon to schedule a training session.

Request a PREVENT@UWG Training


PREVENT@UWG Awareness Activities 

Events: During the 2010-2011 academic year, numerous PREVENT@UWG events and activities will happen on campus. UWG faculty, staff, students and parents are welcome to attend! The purpose of all PREVENT@UWG programs: to raise awareness of issues surrounding suicide and reduce stigma against mental health. Some events are specifically for certain groups while others are open to the entire campus. Check out the PREVENT calendar for events/activities happening during the fall 2010 semester.

E Skills Podcast: Also, check out the E Skills Podcast Serieswhich is a part of the PREVENT@UWG awareness activities! This is a series of online, educational podcasts, covering a wide range of topics that will enhance student, faculty, staff and parent knowledge of mental health and general college student issues, linked to psychological distress. Topics include:

• Student Stress Busters

• College Students, Bipolar Disorder and Depression

• Understanding Self-Harm

• To Be or Not to Be In Therapy

• Substance Abuse and Suicide: The Student Connection

• Know the Signs, Be the Help: How You Can Save a Life

If you are interested in viewing an e-skills podcast, check out the e-skills schedule below for topics, dates and times that the podcast will become available. If a podcast topic is currently available, the program title will be highlighted. Click on the title to see the podcast. Send any questions or concerns about the podcast schedule or content to For techincal inquiries or problems, contact Distance Education at (678) 839-6248.

Topic  Date
 Know the Signs, Be the Help  9/2010
The Truth About Suicide
True Life: I Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder





Campus Support
Students, Faculty and Staff can be actively involved with PREVENT@UWG and receive direct support through either becoming a part of the Prevention Team or joining the the Building Bridges  (BB) Group.

For additional info on the Prevention Team, click here. BB consists of UWG students, faculty, staff and parents who are interested in actively learning about psychological issues and supporting the PREVENT@UWG goal of reducing stigma against mental health. Benefits of becoming a BB member:

• Receiving Mental Health Information Via BB List serve

• Early Notice of PREVENT@UWG Activities

• Bi-monthly meetings featuring mental health professionals to enhance your knowledge of suicide prevention and psychological issues.


To join the Building Bridges Group, click here.