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Join MHM: Talk About It


Your Mental Health Matters (MHM)!

Face it. We all have minds so we all experience mental health distress at some point. For example, did you know that: 

So, let's start talking about it! The MHM Movement is about everyone at UWG and across the nation feeling comfortable with talking about mental health.

MHM is about you making this happen by telling others "Its OK To Talk About It". It's about you educating others about mental health and we want to help you do it.

Look below for ways on how you can you get the word about why...

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS!                                                      


MHM Message of the Week (quick info to share on Facebook or Twitter)

New News: Facebook provides first-of-a-kind service to help prevent suicides!  





Spread the Word About (handouts to share with friends):




  It's OK: Talk About It

Others' Mental Health (how to talk with friends about their struggles)


Your Mental Health (how to share your struggles with others)





Become a Campus Mental Health Advocate

Join the Prevention Team

Get Suicide Prevention Training (for student leaders, faculty and staff)

Join the Building Brides Support Group (help with suicide prevention trainings and other mental health events)