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The Program for Evaluation Intervention Education and Treatment at the University of West Georgia (PREVENT@UWG) is federally funded by the Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grant, provided under the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 



PREVENT@UWG is a comprehensive program for suicide prevention and promoting help-seeking behavior, provided by Counseling & Career Development Center. 

Its primary goals include:



You can join PREVENT@UWG and help directly. Learn how, by clicking here. 






The PREVENT@UWG Webpage:  How Can It Help Me?


 Talking about mental health issues and suicide can be scary, but not knowing and keeping quiet can be detrimental.  The possible outcome- losing classmates, friends and relatives to suicide. Use this page to learn more about mental health issues, associated with suicidal behaviors, including warning signs. 

To your left, there is information for faculty, staff and parents about helping college-related populations including military veterans, non-traditional students and multi-cultural groups. 

 If you are a college student experiencing distress, the links to your left can help you. Under "What's Ailing You", there is information on how to get your life in balance. You will also find on here: