Welcome to the Psychology Department

The Department of Psychology at the University of West Georgia is unique in that our theoretical roots are in humanistic, transpersonal, and critical psychology. Our courses range from classically humanistic concerns - like the centrality of human subjective experience in psychology, holistic approaches to psychological understanding, human growth and development, and the enhancement of human potential - to contemporary attention to transpersonal and spiritual horizons. Themes such as the meaning of genuine community, sociality, understanding oneself and others, and the myriad ways through which we grow and develop are central to our academic learning environment.


Why Humanistic Psychology?

Our program, founded on a Humanistic framework, is non-traditional in many senses of the word. Our Department focuses on growth and development in the individual and community. This approach allows the professors to teach courses they are most passionate about. Being self-motivated, expressive, and involved in the program are key aspects of being a part of the Psychology program.

The mission of the Department of Psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels is to approach the subject matter of psychology in ways that facilitate the understanding of oneself and others as: (1) foundational to personal growth and development; (2) critical to a deeper understanding of the nature of psychology itself; and (3) central to professional development.

This long-standing emphasis of the Department is consistent with the University’s goal: to foster educational excellence in a personal environment.

In addition, the Department seeks to provide an educational environment in which students and faculty can address social and personal issues in a specifically psychological manner. This emphasis requires knowledge of humanistic and alternative approaches to psychology as well as acquaintance with the discipline’s traditional topics and definition as a social science. Such a broad scope of concerns accords well with the University’s emphasis on critical scholarly inquiry and creativity.

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