Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia

New PhD Program to begin Fall 2011

The Department of Psychology now has a Ph.D. program. We received this honor of granting a Ph.D. because of our innovative program that combines theoretic reflection and qualitative research to examine the interface of consciousness and society. This will give our graduates the abilities to teach in University settings in a variety of fields, including health psychology, qualitative research methodologies, social justice, and critical thinking in psychology. Our graduates will also be prepared to work in the field in a variety of community settings. The three threads in the program that ground its orientation are humanistic psychology, with its foundations in existential and phenomenological frameworks, transpersonal psychologies, with their interest in mind/body integration and wisdom traditions, and critical psychologies, with foundations in social justice, discursive traditions, and cultural studies. Our faculty is renown nationally with numerous publications and honors in the discipline and in related fields.  Our doctoral students are participating in community and research grants, are becoming trained in college teaching, and are themselves presenting nationally at numerous conferences, including the American Psychological Association. This is a program for creative original scholars who wish to engage in creating knowledge as well as gathering it from others. The program begins this Fall, 2011. All applicants who have already applied to enter as PsyD students for the Fall of 2011 will now be considered for the PhD program.