Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia

Financial Aid, Student Employment & Housing

The psychology department has a limited amount of assistantship money. We try to spread what little we have to as many qualified applicants as possible, but most students who come will have to do so by their own means. To apply for an assistantship, please request a GRA application form from the Graduate School. Other monies are available through the college in the form of student loans. Some jobs are available in the area for part time work, but these must be secured on your own. Employment for non-student spouses is occasionally available, part and full-time, both on and off-campus.

The UWG Housing Office can provide information about dormitory arrangements and off-campus placements. There are normally some housing notices posted on our bulletin board near the main office in the Psychology Department. Students live in a wide variety of situations ranging from dormitories to apartments to houses in the country. Average rent in the area will run between $500-$800 a month for an average to above-average residence.