Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia

Commuter Students

Some students in the program commute from Atlanta or other local areas, as well as continuing to work during their studies. While commuting can be done, it takes much time and lots of patience. The program is designed primarily as a full-time residential program, so evening and online course offerings are limited. Some commuter students work on weekends and take a weekday or two for classes. Many drive to classes in the morning and return home for night jobs. For those who work full or nearly full time, two or three days a week of classes seems ideal. This also seems to be a generally affordable course load for an employed person.

Registration & Scheduling

It is important to register as soon as possible for required courses. Classes, and especially the required ones, do fill up. The department schedules a combination of day and evening classes to accommodate a variety of student schedules. However, some courses are not offered every semester so students must be vigilant about ensuring they enroll in the appropriate required courses as soon as possible, especially those seeking clinical licensure. It helps to become very familiar with one’s specific track within the program so required courses are completed in a timely manner and graduation is not delayed.