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PhD Student Travel

Students in the Ph.D. Program are encouraged to engage in academic and research activities that might include presenting in both local and national conferences. In order to receive financial assistance from the department, you must follow Department Travel Policies and Procedures.

Before Travel:

Once you are accepted at a conference, you may wish to apply for student travel funding assistance. In order to be considered, you must first be authorized by the department. In order to be authorized, you must fill out the Non-Employee Travel Authorization form and the Cost Effective Transportation form and bring them to Ms. Victoria Yang prior to making travel commitments.

• Non-Employee Travel Authorization
• Cost Effective Transportation Form

Travel Authorization forms need to be turned in 90 days prior to traveling. The sooner you get in your request for funding the better. Currently, there can be no travel for students between May 1 and August 1, of any year.  Until we make further arrangements; please aim for conferences earlier in the semester. We are working to change this. If there are left-over funds, the directors will try and alert students to apply for funding.

You will be funded according to whether you are presenting a paper, a poster, or are a discussant, etc. This is somewhat discretionary but the first priority is given to paper presentations. The maximum amount given to any student for each academic year is currently $500. The fund from which these monies come is limited and we have to allot funding as fairly and intelligently as possible. Our aim is to fund as many students as possible in a meaningful way. Please carefully choose your conferences.


During Travel:

Once you have been authorized to receive funding, then you can make the commitments to travel. 

You need to make sure that you retail ALL of the receipts from your trip:

  • Which include airline itinerary (itemized, showing the credit card used to purchase the flight), boarding passes for all flights, hotel receipts (showing credit card information), conference registration receipts, taxi receipts, food receipts, parking receipts, rental car receipts, gas receipts, and miscellaneous receipts for presentation materials.
  • If a receipt is missing, that item will not be reimbursed.
  • All receipts MUST show proof of payment, otherwise credit card or banking statements must be supplied with reimbursement requests. 
  • Receipts submitted for travel reimbursement must be itemized to include room rate, taxes, parking, meals, etc.
  • A receipt showing a total amount paid, which is not itemized, is not acceptable and likely will NOT be reimbursed. While it may be more work and cost us more as well, the easiest thing to do to insure you will be reimbursed is to deal with the hotels and airlines directly (i.e. do NOT use Expedia, Orbitz, or other websites, as they do not provide the kind of itemized receipts that the university requires for reimbursement).
  • Also, remember to ask for the government rate, if applicable.
  • You must also provide a copy of the conference program itinerary that lists your presentation and name.
  • Record mileage information if you drive your own vehicle. You must provide a rental car comparison to get a full mileage reimbursement. If the business office deems your travel should have been done via rental car, they will reimburse the lowest mileage rate to you for using your own vehicle.


After Travel:

In order to successfully receive the travel funding that you were authorized for, you must submit the Non-Employee Travel Expense Statement.  After you return from your trip, bring this form along with your recepits to Ms. Victoria Yang.

• Non-Employee Travel Expense Statement 


Please feel free to contact Ms. Victoria Yang in the Psychology Department if you have any further questions about travel authorization.

If you are interested in viewing university policies, visit the UWG Office of Controller Institutional Guidelines and Procedures.


Important Forms:

• Non-Employee Travel Authorization
• Non-Employee Travel Expense Statement
Cost Effective Transportation Form