Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia

Graduate Courses & Syllabi

PSYC-5030 History and Philosophy of Psychology
PSYC-5040 Psychology of Dreams
PSYC-5070 Psychology of Myth and Symbol
PSYC-5085 Horizon Seminar
PSYC-5090 Groups and Group Process
PSYC-5130 Eastern and Transpersonal Psychologies
PSYC-5140 Psychology of Gender
PSYC-5160 Psychology of Love
PSYC-5200 Parapsychology
PSYC-5230 Phenomenological Psychology
PSYC-5270 Psychology of Childhood
PSYC-5280 Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood
PSYC-5290 Moral and Social Development
PSYC-5300 Seminar in Global Studies
PSYC-5500 Explorations into Creativity
PSYC-5660 Advanced Topics in Abnormal Psychology
PSYC-5670 Values, Meanings, and Spirituality
PSYC-6000 Foundations of Humanistic Psychology
PSYC-6010 Human Growth and Potential
PSYC-6083 Research Methods
PSYC-6085 Advanced Theories
PSYC-6151 Psychological Appraisal
PSYC-6161 Counseling Methods
PSYC-6180 Advanced Counseling Methods
PSYC-6200 Theoretical Approaches to Counseling and Psychotherapy
PSYC-6220 The Counseling and Psychotherapy Process
PSYC-6230 Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
PSYC-6240 Principles of Family Therapy
PSYC-6260 Clinical Hypnosis
PSYC-6270 Foundations of Clinical Interviewing
PSYC-6280 Theory and Practice of Clinical Assessment
PSYC-6283 Continuing Research
PSYC-6284 Psychopathology and Health
PSYC-6287 Clinical Practicum
PSYC-6390 Psychological Suffering and Disorders
PSYC-6393 Personality Disorders
PSYC-6397 Psychotic Disorders
PSYC-6400 Psychology, Culture, and Society
PSYC-6550 Lacanian Psychoanalysis
PSYC-6584 Seminar in Phenomenological Psychology
PSYC-6700 Advanced Experiential I
PSYC-6710 Advanced Experiential II
PSYC-6720 Advanced Experiential III
PSYC-6750 Group Project I
PSYC-6760 Group Project II
PSYC-6785 Advanced Horizon Seminar
PSYC-6800 Psychology of Mind and Body
PSYC-6881 Independent Project
PSYC-6882 Directed Reading in Psychology
PSYC-6887 Practicum: Experiences in Human Services
PSYC-6899 Thesis
PSYC-7003 Statistics for Social Sciences
PSYC-7020 Transpersonal Development
PSYC-7030 Introduction to Organizational Development
PSYC-7050 Consciousness Studies
PSYC-7102 Lifespan Human Development
PSYC-7132 Gestalt
PSYC-7133 Transactional Analysis
PSYC-7250 Foundations of Psychoanalysis
PSYC-7430 Cross-Cultural Communication
PSYC-7460 Advanced Organizational Development
PSYC-7490 Phenomenology of Social Existence
PSYC-7500 Existential Psychology
PSYC-7600 Personality and Motivation
PSYC-7650 Buddhist Psychology
PSYC-7670 Music and the Mind
PSYC-7810 Tutorial
PSYC-7810A Tutorial
PSYC-7810B Tutorial
PSYC-7810C Tutorial
PSYC-7810D Tutorial
PSYC-7810E Tutorial
PSYC-7810F Tutorial
PSYC-7810G Tutorial
PSYC-7820 Workshop
PSYC-7830 Invited Lectures
PSYC-8000 Consciousness and Experience
PSYC-8001 Culture and Subjectivity
PSYC-8002 Studies in Mind-Body
PSYC-8003 Historical Foundations of Psychology
PSYC-8004 Development, Transformation, and Change
PSYC-8005 Human Science Methodologies
PSYC-8006 Advanced Human Science Methodologies
PSYC-8007 Critical Foundations of Psychology
PSYC-8008 Humanistic Foundations of Psychology
PSYC-8009 Transpersonal Foundations of Psychology
PSYC-8010 Theoretical Foundations of Psychological Inquiry
PSYC-8102 Psychospirituality and Transformation
PSYC-8103 Science, Technology, and Consciousness
PSYC-8185 Special Topics in Human Development
PSYC-8260 Psychology, Epistemology, and Ethics
PSYC-8270 Depth Psychology
PSYC-8280 History of Consciousness
PSYC-8290 Approaches to Community
PSYC-8300 Exploratory Methods in Consciousness Studies
PSYC-8301 Program Evaluation
PSYC-8581 Independent Project
PSYC-8584 Advanced Seminars
PSYC-8884 Psychology Proseminar
PSYC-8887 Advanced Practicum in Psychology
PSYC-9002 Doctoral Qualifying Seminar
PSYC-9087 Teaching Practicum
PSYC-9187 Practica
PSYC-9887 Internship
PSYC-9999 Dissertation