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Declaration of Undergraduate Major in Psychology

Requirements needed in order to declare a major in psychology:
  • Have completed 45 hours of coursework
  • Make a C (or better) in PSYC 1101: Introduction to General Psychology
  • Have earned a grade of B (or better) in any other three PSYC courses other than PSYC 1101
    • -OR-
  • Have a 2.5 or better GPA
Declare your major:
  1. Fill out and submit the form below
  2. Advisement is by appointment only. Once you have submitted your request we will contact you to confirm your appointment time.

If the form is unavailable we recommend you log into your UWG account via Google. You may also go directly to the form by clicking here. Otherwise, you may contact us at

Things to Remember

  • The very latest you can declare Psychology as your major is the semester prior to your graduation
  • Being Pre-Psychology major is NOT a formal declaration of Psychology as your major
  • You need 120 hours to graduate, 39 of which must be above the 3000 level

Please contact the Psychology Department if you have any questions or concerns.You may reach us at 678-839-6510 or

NOTE: Information submitted with this web form is not secure. It is strongly recommended you do not include any personal information (e.g.: social security numbers).